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  1. Chicago for example: Show was Saturday June 3, Red Zone email was sent Tuesday, May 30.
  2. It all depends on what the designated pick up time for your Red Zone tickets are. A few days before the show (Soon I hope) you will receive an email indicating time for collection. Chicago for example the Red Zone Tent was open for ticket pickup at 4PM. Its up to you on how early you get there, but based on where the Red Zone is located, Adam is on that side a lot on the B stage.
  3. 1) Where The Streets Have No Name 2) All Along the Watchtower 3) In God's Country 4) Trip Through Your Wires 5) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 6) Exit 7) Bullet The Blue Sky 8) Running To Stand Still 9) Red Hill Mining Town 10) Until The End of the World 11) New Years Day 12) One Tree Hill 13) Bad 14) All I Want is You Break 15) Vertigo 16) The Fly 17) One 18) With or Without You Break 19) Desire 20) Beautiful Day 21) City of Blinding Lights 22) Mothers Of The Disappeared
  4. Wow--wait a minute. So at first, it said they weren't available? (Not, "we can't process your order"). Normally this means that they're gone, that's it. But after that, you DID get the RZ? Wow. If so, that means that we shouldn't believe it when it says "not available". I'm confused. I think what he meant was that he initially tried to obtain 4 tickets in the red zone, which failed. Then he tried to get two, and was successful. The lower the quantity of tickets desired the greater the amount of availability. Sorry, a bit late in reading to clarify. Right off the bat on my fir
  5. I was able to get for Red Zone tickets for Chicago. I was in immediately, chose Red Zone / Best Available and it stated they were not available. Tried for 2, same thing. After being asked if I was a robot 100 times and not knowing if street signs include the post or not, I exited out, tried again, and luckily got 4.
  6. There appears to be a ton on Stub Hub for all locations......Crazy prices ($1,164.00) for General Admision. Something smells...
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