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  1. Yes! I'm seeing if I can do the Tokyo shows. There is a non-stop flight from Washington, DC which will help. My wife thinks I'm nuts.
  2. I agree - I saw them live 4 times last summer and did not care about hearing Little Things live and even left the concert to beat traffic when they were playing the song, but oh my god the studio version is insane, played loud. Edge comes alive late in the song, the lyrics are intense, maybe it's U2's "Stairway to Heaven."
  3. Yeah - same here. Since '87. This one is amazing.
  4. Isn't that funny? That is the song my 4 year keeps asking me to play. I'm not sure how little kids connect with that song but I think it's great. When she was 2 she loved "Every Breaking Wave" and "Song For Someone," I hope U2 knows they are making a lot of new fans that are a lot younger than they had anticipated!
  5. Great to see so many varied opinions about the new album. They've changed so much over the years that it's interesting to see the opinions of fans of the old stuff, and fans who have adapted to U2's evolving approach to every new release. I have to say that I thought the album was just decent on Day 1, now I think it's really awesome. And I'm in the camp that is OK with the fact that it doesn't sound like anything from Unforgettable Fire or Joshua Tree. And my four year old daughter actually knows the lyrics to a few of the songs and keeps asking me to play it - so validation that U2 can make brand new fans in 2017!
  6. Agree. Especially on Day 2 of listening to the album. Adam - man, you rock this album.
  7. Finally had a chance to listen to the songs on my home stereo (sent kids to a birthday party). Played it loud. Heard all the intricacies of the layers of sounds, and the arrangements were obviously well thought out and refined and processed (in a good way) to the point U2 felt they had the right product. Yesterday I initially thought it was just "good," now I think it's "great." And I realize U2 could have thrown red meat to their fans and put out an album of songs that sounded like "City of Blinding Lights," "You're the best thing about me," or "Beautiful Day," but they are offering yet another imaginative perspective. I think this album pushed me as a long time fan to be open to fresh new sounds and ideas. I still would have liked to have one or two more songs with stadium-rocking Edge riffs, but I'm sure we'll get that when we hear these songs live next year.
  8. Good album, but at times I wondered if they forgot to invite Edge to the studio. I don’t get the choice for the opening track either (too mellow). Upside is some fresh new ideas and sounds. Look forward to listening to it several times today.
  9. I think they are over-thinking and being too cautious. They had some very good/great new songs (North Star, Every Breaking Wave, Return of the Stingray Guitar, Invisible, updated version of Mercy, etc). They could easily make an album that they could tour with. In some ways seeing them live in the near future is more important to me than an over-produced new album. I like the new songs, but if I had to provide feedback to U2 I would tell them to have Edge and the band have a stronger influence and presence on more of the songs (like Boy/October/War). The news songs sound like pure Bono, almost Bono solo, with the band just provided background highlights. The best U2 songs involve all 4 members equally.
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