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  1. Happy to see a mention of Gord's passing here. This also affected me in a deeper way than I anticipated. Maybe more so the diagnosis than the end. I actually shed a tear listening to Nautical Disaster just after the Hip's last concert. Couldn't listen to Day for Night for almost a year afterward. I guess it's been a mourning period was a long time running.
  2. Gibson Hotel, just across the Liffey from Hanover Quay. Still close enough to Croke and downtown and I like to walk, so it should be great. Paid a hefty amount because I booked late, but that's on me. This is gonna rock!
  3. Section 331 Row J. Should be interesting, a chance to compare an arena show to a stadium show within 2 years.
  4. This is how I felt when I bought my pre-sale tickets... (I just had my 47th birthday on 08 August.) There were a couple of songs on the new album that I liked, but for the most part, I wasn't terribly excited about most of the new songs. In May, my husband and I traveled from Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ to see both shows there. Words cannot even describe how the live shows completely changed my opinion. The new songs are so much better live. I feel like Bono is really connecting with the fans. I enjoy it when he talks and discusses the stories behind the songs. In Phoenix, we stood outside the arena and saw Bono go in for the sound check. One of the fans from Arizona asked Bono if the band could please play "In God's Country" for the Phoenix fans - and they did! In Boston, the fans held up signs asking Bono to sing the "shine like stars" ending to WOWY - and he did. They've done a lot of things in response to the fans' requests. My husband was never a U2 fan at all - he just dealt with my obsession to be a good husband but he actually said that he has a whole new opinion of U2 after this tour. He says he listens to their songs on his own now! I feel like U2 are really on fire right now. Their passion is obvious - they all seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves. The shows seemed to evolve with each show they played here in the U.S. (Even though some people complained that the set list didn't change enough... the performance of the songs DID change in my opinion.) I watched many other shows on Periscope. What I witnessed in Phoenix was great; what I saw (via Periscope) in New York was amazing! I crave more!!! I wish I could come to Europe, but financially, we cannot make that happen. Hopefully you will be very pleasantly surprised - like I was. Hear, hear to the NYC shows. They were tremendous! I have to agree with the feeling of excitement I felt leading up to the shows, re: not too charged up until show day. With that said, the day of NYC #1 I was getting really amped as the day wore on. When we got to MSG, my wife (not a fan at all but a good trooper) really had to put up with me. The show was brilliant. They played October, which was a total surprise. The sound and visuals were something else. For NYC 2, I was a bit tired. Yankee Stadium in a 34C/high humidity temperature wore us out. We got Gloria, Volcano, October again (fine by me, they might not play it again), and an impromptu Bad. I was right into it in no time at all. Watch for Cedarwood Road and Raised by Wolves. These two songs are different beasts live. Bullet the Blue Sky, which felt tired after the Vertigo tour, has a sharp edge again. The band were on fire the first two nights. It seemed that they just kept on going for the remaining shows. Stay chill until the day of the show, but don't be surprised if you're blown away when the night is over. My wife described me as being a 5 year old at Christmas during the shows, that's how happy I looked. I told her, "No, more like an 8 year old at Christmas." She asks, "What would make you feel like a 5 year old again." I said, "My first U2 show. You only get to be 5 once."
  5. These were incredible shows, both of them. I was close to the main stage in the stands on Adam's side for show #1. Then, the opposite side but way up in the second last row, which did not matter at all. Different perspectives, but thrilling each time. They played October!
  6. If you go your way and I'll go mine...

  7. Hey, I just figured out the whole e-book thing! Great idea. Kind of makes writing the story worthwhile. Now we get to share with everyone else who wrote. My story ended up being two pages, no pictures...those are mine! Thanks for putting it together. It's a nice touch.
  8. The Crystal Ballroom struck me as a potential single immediately upon hearing it. I agree with those saying it would go off live.
  9. Let's see I've seen Kings of Leon- put me off them entirely...for good Kanye West- about what I expected, wasn't as a big an a$$ as now though. I sat through his set 3x. Black Eyed Peas- surprisingly solid. They brought the energy to the Vegas desert and it set up the rest of the night properly The Fray- God, it just wouldn't stop. I wasn't sad I spent 90 mins in the merch line (four booths on the concourse for 50,000+ people...nuts!) in Edmonton, missing the entire set. I had to hear it, however. So, no to the Fray. No, also to Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons. Yes (if I may break the rules) to St. Vincent, War on Drugs, Spoon.
  10. I'll be there for Saturday and Sunday. Sec 109 one night, 222 the next. Should be a blast!
  11. Side stage tickets seemed to be going for the same price on level 100 and 200. I'm really curious about this stage set up.
  12. Boy, oh Boy, what a grind! After a 2 hour patience testing pre sale on Thursday, I got myself into another test with the General Sale today. This time I was at work, however, making it much more difficult to wait on TM's servers to pull up tickets. After much spinning, post-10:30am CST (11:30 EST) with my screen dimmer OFF (learned that the hard way), I managed to get 2 tix for $118 a pop for MSG 2. Sec 222, so maybe not the greatest (side stage, TM says), but after getting and tossing numerous $300 tickets, I was happy I was patient. Spent $300 each for 2 tickets for MSG 1 during the pre-sale, so there was no way I could justify a second splurge like that to myself let alone my loving wife (who is not a U2 fan at all but is coming with me anyway-after all U2 can happen to anyone!). I hope you all had luck, and enjoy the shows when they come around!
  13. Tried this, too. TM Canada was no better on the web, but the phone eventually worked just fine.
  14. NYC 1. I'm patient with these things but frustration was mounting at times during the purchase (first online, then successfully on TM phone app). This show had better kick ass (above U2 standard ass kicking) after this mess in the pants
  15. The Vertigo Tour was a very special one for me. My first U2 show occurred in Vancouver BC, which is a two hour flight from home, that being Saskatoon SK Canada (in the middle of the flat part of Western Canada. It really is quite nice in the summer, but I digress). Not long after that show, U2.com was promoting a tour package to see the band in Sydney, Australia. So, having only ever been a 2 hour plane ride away from home, decided "why not?" and booked a package for myself to Sydney. I was very excited to see a new part of the world. I had never even been to the US, so this was a very big deal. As many Zootops may remember, the Australian portion of the Vertigo Tour was cancelled (later rebooked, but I'll get to that). This was with about 3 weeks or so to go before I was due to leave. Well, I couldn't do anything about the plane ticket, so I took advantage of the hotel portion of the ticket package and took the 17 hour (!) flight to Sydney (not including an 8 hour layover in Vancouver) and had a nice week and half vacation. This was in May of 2006. Not even a month after I got back, and U2 announces the Australian leg is back on! I get notified by the company that handled the ticket package that my tickets were still valid if I still wanted them. Hell, yes I still wanted them! So, I promptly booked a second flight to Sydney. Over the course of the next few months my life was turned upside down. I lost my job and met my wife two months before I was supposed to go! This was a very strange time. November rolls around and I am trying to find work, so with some of the last my severance pay (and small loan from my wife, love her) I board a plane for Sydney in a much different frame of mind then six months prior. After another 17 hours, with that 8 hour layover, I found myself back in Sydney. It was one of the more surreal moments of my life walking down the main drag in Sydney on a few hours of sleep wondering what the hell I am doing there. The ticket package was originally for two shows, but a third was added, which I bought my own ticket for, and the first show was the very same day that I landed. I got myself to the meeting point for a ride to the stadium (a nice pub in central Sydney) and people from all over the place and we went to the show. The show itself was a brilliant. Kanye West did his best to rev up the crowd but the real fireworks happened during the show. Oh, and one more bonus came out of hanging onto the tickets, wrist bands! I ended up second row along the arm of the stage that Edge, Adam, and Bono frequented during the show. Extraordinarily thrilling! The show started with a bit of rain, then let up as they played Beautiful Day, which led to Bono singing a snippet of Here Comes the Sun. Indeed, it was alright! I was amongst 70,000 people for the first time ever and it was such an energetic experience looking out to the crowd, a sea of cell phone lights at one point. Where I was at in life, this was such an excellent moment. After the show, I was with the group back on the bus, and slept most of the ride back to the pub. I didn't last long at the after-party. In all, I was in Sydney for 5 days, went to 3 shows, celebrated a birthday (by myself, but it was ok) and caught the travelling bug. The first show was the important one because of the journey to get there. After that, I went back to school (still there, working on a thesis) and started travelling with my wife, which we have done extensively. But those first steps were taken on my way to U2 in Sydney.... Hope this makes sense.
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