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  1. Happy to see a mention of Gord's passing here. This also affected me in a deeper way than I anticipated. Maybe more so the diagnosis than the end. I actually shed a tear listening to Nautical Disaster just after the Hip's last concert. Couldn't listen to Day for Night for almost a year afterward. I guess it's been a mourning period was a long time running.
  2. Gibson Hotel, just across the Liffey from Hanover Quay. Still close enough to Croke and downtown and I like to walk, so it should be great. Paid a hefty amount because I booked late, but that's on me. This is gonna rock!
  3. Section 331 Row J. Should be interesting, a chance to compare an arena show to a stadium show within 2 years.
  4. This is how I felt when I bought my pre-sale tickets... (I just had my 47th birthday on 08 August.) There were a couple of songs on the new album that I liked, but for the most part, I wasn't terribly excited about most of the new songs. In May, my husband and I traveled from Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ to see both shows there. Words cannot even describe how the live shows completely changed my opinion. The new songs are so much better live. I feel like Bono is really connecting with the fans. I enjoy it when he talks and discusses the stories behind the songs. In Phoenix, we stood outside
  5. These were incredible shows, both of them. I was close to the main stage in the stands on Adam's side for show #1. Then, the opposite side but way up in the second last row, which did not matter at all. Different perspectives, but thrilling each time. They played October!
  6. If you go your way and I'll go mine...

  7. Hey, I just figured out the whole e-book thing! Great idea. Kind of makes writing the story worthwhile. Now we get to share with everyone else who wrote. My story ended up being two pages, no pictures...those are mine! Thanks for putting it together. It's a nice touch.
  8. The Crystal Ballroom struck me as a potential single immediately upon hearing it. I agree with those saying it would go off live.
  9. Let's see I've seen Kings of Leon- put me off them entirely...for good Kanye West- about what I expected, wasn't as a big an a$$ as now though. I sat through his set 3x. Black Eyed Peas- surprisingly solid. They brought the energy to the Vegas desert and it set up the rest of the night properly The Fray- God, it just wouldn't stop. I wasn't sad I spent 90 mins in the merch line (four booths on the concourse for 50,000+ people...nuts!) in Edmonton, missing the entire set. I had to hear it, however. So, no to the Fray. No, also to Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons
  10. I'll be there for Saturday and Sunday. Sec 109 one night, 222 the next. Should be a blast!
  11. Side stage tickets seemed to be going for the same price on level 100 and 200. I'm really curious about this stage set up.
  12. Boy, oh Boy, what a grind! After a 2 hour patience testing pre sale on Thursday, I got myself into another test with the General Sale today. This time I was at work, however, making it much more difficult to wait on TM's servers to pull up tickets. After much spinning, post-10:30am CST (11:30 EST) with my screen dimmer OFF (learned that the hard way), I managed to get 2 tix for $118 a pop for MSG 2. Sec 222, so maybe not the greatest (side stage, TM says), but after getting and tossing numerous $300 tickets, I was happy I was patient. Spent $300 each for 2 tickets for MSG 1 during the pre-sale
  13. Tried this, too. TM Canada was no better on the web, but the phone eventually worked just fine.
  14. NYC 1. I'm patient with these things but frustration was mounting at times during the purchase (first online, then successfully on TM phone app). This show had better kick ass (above U2 standard ass kicking) after this mess in the pants
  15. The Vertigo Tour was a very special one for me. My first U2 show occurred in Vancouver BC, which is a two hour flight from home, that being Saskatoon SK Canada (in the middle of the flat part of Western Canada. It really is quite nice in the summer, but I digress). Not long after that show, U2.com was promoting a tour package to see the band in Sydney, Australia. So, having only ever been a 2 hour plane ride away from home, decided "why not?" and booked a package for myself to Sydney. I was very excited to see a new part of the world. I had never even been to the US, so this was a very big dea
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