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  1. Liz001 wrote: Done it for you Brett.............said you send them big cuddles and hope to be with them all again soon. Thank you Liz! I just finished watching U2 on GMA. What a performance. Lads look great! Love the bit of Adam make another little film! I'm on the phone as I type, trying to renew. Hope to see you in the Zoo soon! Brett
  2. My folks know the name of the band, and like a few songs (so they have said), but that about it. One brother likes a few of their records, JT ATYCLB, AB. But not one to rush out and buy a record, or go to concert. Same with younger sister. Older sis and most friends HATE U2! Though they like a few of their earlier songs. JT stuff, SBS etc. They don't like the band and seem to really dislikeBono. They think rock stars should just be rock stars and Bono should shut the hell up. My sis and friends can be real wankers at times. lol Lets face it, they just haven't embraced the U2 L
  3. Hell-o everyone. Brett Dahill here, just to say i'm still alive....maybe. Still having problems. So if anyone can access paid site, (and assuming there is an Adam folder). Could you please stop by and tell all the PopTarts I miss them! Hope to see them soon, but don't count on it. Thanks all. Brett
  4. eaplatt wrote: I'm sure you can find Monday's performance online, on the likes of YouTube or various U2-fan sites....do a search! But be sure to get the earlier clip of the band shovelling snow, too. -- eaplatt I just can' t picture Adam shoveling snow. Does anyone have a still photo?
  5. Well from what I can see in the problem threads. Still many fans having problems logging on and accessing their accounts. Really, by this time, U2.Com should have just brought the site down, work on the problems and relaunched. (Of course they should have tested the site before launching to begin with.) It's now been almost two weeks, still many of the same problems. My problem is with my password. Site won't recognize my old one, so I reset. But site won't remember the new one. There for I can't log on and renew. With only less than two day left on extended renewal, I'm not sure
  6. One of the e-mails I received from U2.com, still referred to Zootopia. But they called it Zootopia Community. So yes, it's still the Zoo, but by a different name. Don't know what it's called on the Paid side tho. Of course, with the relaunch of new site, the whole place has been like a Zoo. Or more like SIM-Zoo, with all the animals breaking out their cages and tearing up the place. BrettD
  7. Set my computer to accept cookies, profile is updated w/country set correctly (and always was). Computer is already Java based, so should be no problems there. Login in name: brettdahill E-mail: Maddcloverg (at) Netscape (dot) net User name: BrettD Have never received a "conformation e-mail". Can't log in with password. (and yes, I've tried reseting, still no luck. I have to "reset" every time!) Tried e-mailing "Help". No response. No phone number to call for assistance. Less than 24 hours to renew. Help? BrettD
  8. 1: Spend $50 to join U2.com (and good luck in doing so). You will be eligible to have a shot for pre sale tickets. Done online. Very easy, I had mostexcellent seats last tour. 2: Spend a fortune trying to get tickets from Ticket Master, or whom ever is going to be selling tickets. Or spend a couple of days standing in line. Their areusually extra fees for processing your credit card etc... 3: Scalping off of E-bay, Craig's list etc.. A: Don't pay more than 10% over the cost of tickets (not including shipping of course) B: Down side, youmay not be able to tell if tickets are real or f
  9. How many New Members have signed up, just to get pre sale concert tickets? Ya know, like they did for Vertigo tour? (i.e Scalpers and their paidcohorts) If the renewal fiasco was ever fixed, I think that those who have renewed, (the REAL FANS OF U2), should get first crack at tickets. But seeing as U2.com can't even figure out how to solve their present problems, then I guess it would be way out of their league to be able to sort out oldand devoted from the new and just want tickets . (Not all who are new of course, but lets face it, many Newbies fall into this category.) And I includ
  10. Bajagirl? Do you know what's going on at this point? Don't mean to bug ya, but time seems to be running out for most of us. I know we have until March 2nd, but by what time zone? Many of us have to work, and may not have access to U2.com until we get home. (Such as myself). They really should have released a pre-set web sight last month, with selection of users (i.e U2.com employees), to figure out the bugs. Slowly giving up hope. Not even sure I want to buy new album at this point...just my frustrations talking of course. BrettD
  11. ((((HUGS TO YOU )))))) I'm hoping everything will work out by Monday, March 2nd, but I'm loosing hope. I have not heard from anyone in regards to my problems with this site. If I loose my renewal price, I don't think I will subscribe again. It's going to be hard enough to swing $32, can't afford the $50. (Money is very tight right now). Hope to see my old PopTarts soon! Love and Peace Brett
  12. Ok, I know it's just probably some automatic form e-mail that gets sent out by U2.Com. I open my e-mail this morning and see I receicved and e-mail from U2. But all it contains is and advert, telling me about the "New U2" web sight, and to be sure to subscribe...ect... I NEED TO RENEW! STILL WAITING, & MARCH 2 IS IN TWO DAYs! USER NAME: BrettDahill E-MAIL: Maddcloverg@netscapeDOTcom Screen Name: BrettD
  13. User name: BrettDahill E-Mail Maddcloverg @ netscape DOT com Problems: System won't remember password, have to "reset" each time I log in. I never received a "Conformation E-mail". Can't Renew Subscription. I was one who's subscription was ending in Nov. 08, but was told to hold off, and account would be extended until new sitewas launched. Yes, i have set my computer to accept cookies. Hope to hear from U2.com soon Thanks Brett
  14. Even though site won't recognize my (new) password when I sign on, it will "accept" it as new password when I sign in under my e-mail telling meto reset my password. Make sense? How ever all other problems still exist, and although I e-mailed Help last night, I have not received any response. Even and e-mail stating that they are working on the problems would be nice. Still hope they extend the Renewal past March 2nd if they don't get the kinks out of the system by then. BrettD
  15. 1: It seems the post I wrote this morning and yesterday havedisappeared. Don't know why. 2: I never received a "conformation e-mail". However I have always received all other e-mails, including one last November reminding me of myrenewal. (By the time I read and went to renew, they had put a hold and extension on subscription's. 3: I can' t seem to sign in under my old password, and every time I reset, system won't remember my new password. 4: I finally sign on, (knowing I will have reset password), but can'tt renew subscriptions, can only be a New Member and there for have to pay $50, in
  16. I went to dinner, came back, tried to log-on, but it won't recognize my sign in name/password. How ever when I came here to post this message, I notice that it showing "Logged in as BrettD". WTF! I tried e-mailing U2.com staff, and realize it may be sometime before I get a response, but in the mean time I can't seem to renew my subscription, andonly have until March 2nd to do so. Most upsetting. Can anyone give info on what is happening? Thanks all Brett I'm editing this post, because after I posted, the site show's that I'm signed in, however when I went to check my profile,
  17. Ok, aside from the fact that I can't use caps in my login name. I've had to reset my password 3 times now! It seem every time Ilog off, or step away from the computer too long, I have to sign back in. No problem, except it won't recognize my new password. HELP! Is anyone else having this problem? Hey to all the PopTarts who have made their way to the new Zoo. Brett D
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