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  1. So I asked about this in a different thread last Tuseday, but no one had an answer at that point....didn't register for the TM verified fan general onsale 'cause I didn't want to purchase from the first round of dates, so does this mean now I have no code for any possible added US dates on this leg in a TM vf onsale?? Or does this tweet from TM mean just for these first round dates??....sheesh! Buying tix shouldn't really be this confusing, right? I mean, seriously TM/LN....
  2. Does anyone know if you need to be registered thru TM Verified Fan now for possible added shows? I haven't done that process as I do not want tix to the currently announced shows on sale and don't want to possibly take up a spot that should go to someone actually wanting to buy now. But if they will pull from same original batch of registrations...
  3. Does the credit card used for purchasing/entry have to be in the name of the member to which the presale code was issued to? Need to purchase 4 allotted tix in 2 different sections of same venue. We are sitting LL seats and was too $$$ for my sis & hubby, so want to purchase other 2 tix in different section (lower $$$). But all tix are CC entry at Rose Bowl, so would have to use their CC...
  4. Loving all the pics...would love to see one of Larry too
  5. Listening in the car & can't sit still! It'll be a miracle if I don't run into something!
  6. The problem is always with US Ticketmaster, they are always horrendously awful...last several purchases had to end up calling for tix, anyone know if we can do presale by phone?
  7. just figured it out- go to i tunes store then recent purchases there you will see it then click download clound upper right Finally downloading Thanks for the help!
  8. Shows up in my library but no icon for download, am I missing something?
  9. Can anyone please confirm if the Directors Cut DVD is the same as the film broadcast on Showtime in the US? I'm trying to decide if I should pre-order the Directors Cut from Amazon since I have the Showtime version saved on my DVR and I have the edited version in my Uber box set... (sorry if this has been answered already, I've searched the forum and can't seem to find a definitive answer)
  10. It's nice to see U2 is still being used for Senior Quotes...did so myself back in 1989 (Larry in R&H)
  11. Me too, same message about delay of shipment until December 14th-17th. I ordered mine on August 9th as well. Don't know if I should cancel & try to get it elsewhere or wait it out...
  12. Can't live without my Carmex...have tubes in every room of the house, in the cars, in my desk drawers at work, multiple in my bag, it's everywhere! Another fabulous product made in Wisconsin! Sometimes they have Carmex tshirts on brewcitybeergear dot com if you're interested.
  13. mick james wrote:liljbau wrote: I DO think the baselines are very similiar ......but I guaran-f'n-tee that U2 did NOT copy Teddy!!! It is even possible that they may have never heard of the song. Also, the bass line is a pretty common one and variations of it are heard in A LOT of songs. I may misunderstand Mick James when he says "I'm sorry mate, but if you thought U2 created music, then you're a wee bit off the mark", but if I understand it to say that "U2 doesnt CREATE music" , I wholeheartedly disagree!!! They have A LOT of cool influences , just as THEY have influenced other coo
  14. This was how I interpreted the article. But even if I'm wrong, and the true intent is just a big cash grab, I still don't believe he was trying to convey that with his statement. I just can't see Paul McGuinness going on record with that. I mean, come on, the man's not stupid. I think most would agree that he's pretty good at his job, and I don't think you reach his level of success making those kind of mistakes. And I think the band has every right to charge for their music, in whatever format they choose to release it. How else would they make a living as musicians? It would've been p
  15. That's exactly what I thought!
  16. ...when's the next mass? That's a service I'd like to attend!
  17. u2ireland wrote: MickinSoCal wrote: I thought about driving by the stadium to see what was up with the set up, but I haven't. You can see that side of the field from the 57 freeway. If I go by there, I'll take a photo and throw them up here that would be cool to see! you're lucky you are so close. anyone else having a hard time working or doing anything productive? just too excited! so where is everyone coming from? how many hours traveling to see U2 in Anaheim? I've gotten virtually nothing done at work...and I'm driving my co-workers crazy talking about the shows
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