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  1. Mix is at wrong end. It would be opposite load in. Which is typically main stage end.
  2. Well you must only preregister on odd days of the week to be considered. On the day of the pre-sale if your name starts with a vowel then you may receive a code unless you don't have a partner company's mobile phone account. You then must log into the TM website exactly at 9:54 am, not 9:53 or 9:55. You must also be running a MAC with the Chrome browser. When 10:00 comes around you should be standing on only one leg. Now if you do all of this you will probably get the 100 GA tickets that were available. JK
  3. Ticketmaster needs to get out of the ticket resell business. It's a conflict of interest. They spend all of this time to thwart scalpers and at the same time they provide a mechanism to scalp tickets. WTF??? It's always going to happen so just let StubHub do it.
  4. This whole process stinks. There has got to be a better way. TM made people jump through way too many hoops for the privilege of buying a ticket. This morning around 10:30 PST I tried to pull tickets in SJ and there were literally only 10 or 15 seats, mostly singles in the entire venue (according to their map that shows the dots of available seats.) I looked at the same map yesterday during the Verified Fan onsale and about an 8th of the venue was unsold but mostly upper corners. Now there are way more available than yesterday. I would bet less than 3/4 of the seats are sold. I wouldn't be expecting too many 2nd dates on this tour. I believe the band and management made every effort to do this the right way but they were sold a bill of goods from Ticketmaster and TM screwed the pooch.
  5. Almost every city will get extra shows. It's the only way they can make money having to pay for that screen and it's installation. Yes it is complicated. Since when do shows go on sale at 9:00 am? I live in the SF Bay Area. It is raining here today and everyone knows Californians can't drive in the rain. It took me one and half hours to get to work this AM and I missed the onsale by 15 minutes
  6. GA Gates open at 2:00 PM is what their website states..
  7. I just received an email from Levi's stadium. Parking lots do not open until 2:00 pm. GA gates open at 2:00 pm too. How is that supposed to work? No wristbands for early arrivals. It's gonna be a mess.
  8. 49 years old. I've seen them 43 times. Will be 44 on May 17th, 45 on May 20th and 46 on May 21st. Been lucky to be from the Bay area. Have to give my usual shout out to my friend Laura for waking me up the day they played at Justin Herman Plaza. Thanks Laura!
  9. sboccia

    GA Line Up

    But the GA policy was not posted until yesterday. I've been through this goat rodeo on many occasions but this is the first time you are required to enter together. Oh well it is what it is. Does anyone know if Vancouver used wristbands and how did it go up there?
  10. sboccia

    GA Line Up

    Where this policy fails is the electronic ticketing. For example: If the person that purchased the tickets has wristband number 10. When they go in they are required to enter with his other guests. So wristband number 10 is required to enter with their other three guests that may not even have a wristband.
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