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  • Favourite U2 Album
    The Joshua Tree
  • Favourite U2 Single
    With Or Without You (i was 17 when this came out.. just brings me back to a fun time)
  • First U2 Gig
    The Joshua Tree Tour - Boston Garden.. 1987
  • Recent U2 Gig
    IE Tour - July 11th - Boston
  • Best U2 Gig
    Achtung Baby - Indoor Zoo TV - Boston Garden - St. Patricks Day
  • Favourite U2 Person
    The Edge (Love His Guitar Work and Talent)
  • Fav. Other Bands
    Dave Mathews Band
  1. JULY 31st and Still No VINYL!!! what is going on? I Re Subscribed 8 months ago. Does it really take this long?
  2. I Re-Subscribed, back when tickets went on sale (November 2014), i understand waiting for the vinyl, but i dont understand why we keep hearing this month it will ship, and then next month it will ship, and now July it will ship... and why are only two songs ready for download? not much is making sense. And its getting kind of frustrating
  3. i was wondering that myself... i have never waited this long for a membership before. I can understand the vinyl taking some time to put together, but a download? I Re subscribed back in January!
  4. we could have been at the same show U2 music bring back a lot of memories... the soundtrack to my life i guess... will you be seeing them this tour?
  5. i remember waiting in line for Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby (Zoo TV) tickets too... for Achtung Baby (Zoo TV) Sears had a ticketmaster... and we had to run thru Sears to the Lingerie Department to get in line, once they unlocked the door. I saw Zoo TV Indoors at The Boston Garden on March 17th (St. Patricks Day). Such an Amazing Show, St. Patricks Day is pretty popular here in Boston, so The Irish Rock Band was a pretty popular ticket at the time. I also saw Outside Broadcast a few months later. Great Memories
  6. I was listening to city of blinding lights, on my ipod, and thought to myself this came out in 2005, and thought wow 10 years ago.. ten years have passed?? and then i looked at my CD and it actually came out in 2004.. wow.. 11 years ago... and then i thought about, how i went at midnight to TOWER RECORDS to buy it.. the CD.. i bought the CD and the Special Limited Addition... i miss those days... people talked to people instead of on there phones... we waited in lines til midnight to buy music.. it was fun/nerdy idk.. we were there for a reason, an interest of U2 music and it br
  7. The Joshua Tree Achtung Baby All That You Cant Leave Behind
  8. IMPORTANT ALERT : There is a delivery delay.... what does that mean
  9. i cant afford to try again and spen another 600.00 wtf, thos is ridiculous
  10. i keep spinning saying Working dont refresh, i have a confirmation e-mail for tickets but it has a IMPORTANT ALERT.. not saying much... did i get them or not?
  11. if you go your "Account Info" your code is on the left hand side it says "PRE SALE CODE"
  12. though i have not received an e-mail, i found my code in my account info on the left hand side. it says "your presale code", i was starting to panic.... good luck all
  13. Q - Where is my unique Pre-sale Access Code? A -Your unique Pre-sale Access Code can be found on the Tour page of U2.come when you are logged in as a subscriber. In advance of the pre-sales, current paid-up eligible Subscribers to U2.com will be emailed (at the address they registered on the site with) details on how the pre-sale works, including a unique pre-sale access code they will need to use to take part. Q - How do I know what pre-sale priority group I am? A - There are two groups of subscribers taking part in the pre-sale and the email you receive with your pre-sale code ind
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