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  1. I guess I feel like if more are released, it will just be the same fiasco as today. I messed around for almost an hour at work today to get those tickets. I can't afford to keep doing that. If they open more shows, don't you think the same thing will happen again? So disgusted by this. I don't even want to listen to their music right now.
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    I truly feel screwed over by U2 and Ticketmaster and their "TM+" scam today. 30 minutes after tickets went on sale, they were sold out, and starting to show up as part of the TM+ for as little as 3x the original price (FOR NOSEBLEEDS NEAR THE BACK!!!) up to $5000 a ticket. What a joke. Sleeping with the enemy. Completely disgusted by this today. The ONLY way to get decent tickets is if you send the extra $$ for the fan club. What a joke. I think the 360 tour will be my last U2 show....which is sad. This would have been show 12. I hope all the corporate fat cats who don't know the knew album and are only there to hear Pride make a really engaging show for you.
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