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  1. Did you get an email letting you know they were ready? I have not received anything yet.
  2. I guess I feel like if more are released, it will just be the same fiasco as today. I messed around for almost an hour at work today to get those tickets. I can't afford to keep doing that. If they open more shows, don't you think the same thing will happen again? So disgusted by this. I don't even want to listen to their music right now.
  3. I truly feel screwed over by U2 and Ticketmaster and their "TM+" scam today. 30 minutes after tickets went on sale, they were sold out, and starting to show up as part of the TM+ for as little as 3x the original price (FOR NOSEBLEEDS NEAR THE BACK!!!) up to $5000 a ticket. What a joke. Sleeping with the enemy. Completely disgusted by this today. The ONLY way to get decent tickets is if you send the extra $$ for the fan club. What a joke. I think the 360 tour will be my last U2 show....which is sad. This would have been show 12. I hope all the corporate fat cats who don't know the knew album an
  4. What an absolutely horrible collection. Most of these are album tracks or obtainable from other albums!! This just wreaks of gouging the hardcore fans. I'm really, truly disgusted by this. I won't be renewing my U2.com account next year. This sucks.
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