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  1. I just have one account, but do know people who have 3 or 4 accounts. I just couldn't keep up with that hassle and would feel like I was cheating on a test or something. Nonetheless, I think the key is not to use the same credit card for these separate accounts you create. I personally think it's better to make good friends, have everyone get their own set of tix, and then invite friends. :-) Good luck!
  2. I have the most wonderful of news! My good friend was able to get us our pre-sale tix to the June 28th Chicago show! ... bout time... that's all I'm sayin Hey, I'm still a bit miffed with the general pre-sale debacle, but I'm not gonna complain too much more. Well, maybe just a little bit.. At least I got tix for the 28th in my hometown! Now... It better be one hell of a great show! The rest of the time I will be staying at my best friend's Lakeview (Chi) apt., plotting and scheming ways we might be able to bump into these Irish lads in the city. lol So wrong, but right in a appreciative kind of way. ;-)
  3. Don't let your head burst when you find out that they were going for you when they needed to be focusing on all of the brokers that were buying pre-paid credit cards to buy up multiple tickets. Nothings gonna happen to them because they used multiple addresses, P.O. boxes etc. But you're easy so they are going to use people like you to make it look like they took action. The real thieves got away. No one's going after them because they are very clever and it's too hard. Read my post about my new dating site I'm going to create called - U2 escorts. lol! I have no tickets for my city - Chicago. And I"m not paying some dirty a lot of money and then have him escort me into the show and stand by me.. ewe What an awful experience that would be. ha. no way.
  4. Yep. My rant has echoed across the internet... here, on fb, and I'm a thorn in the side over on twitter. Once again.. U2 attempted to do what Pearl Jam has done successfully for years. However, they obviously weren't paying much attention because the system got jacked. What they were hoping for, is what Pearl Jam did and has done - to give their fans a great opportunity but to not hog all of the tickets. However, it all backfired, because people like you and I (honest long time fans) were hijacked and got nothing. My code was useless and then about 3-4 hours later it (gasp) strangely and suddenly worked! Oh my! But then they were seats that this single mom of 3, and high school teacher, cannot afford. I do GA because I love it, but most importantly.. I can afford it. So I've been a loud and squeaky wheel all over twitter - blasting the broker and scalper and ticketmaster. Today, I receive an inside word from a reputable source that the scalpers are going to pick up the tix at the venue, sell the ticket to the fan in line, and then escort them into the venue. I'm personally thinking about starting a dating site called - U2 Escorts - hot, nerdy dates for your ultimate & not so pleasurable U2 concert experience! Call now before it's too late! Want to be turned off at your next U2 show? We've got a hot broker that will be sure to 1. not be into the show, 2. text the entire show, 3. take photos with his camera held up the entire time to show his friends he was at a u2 show 3. sing terribly off key and mumble through the words, 4. continually check that stock app that no one uses the entire show. 5. ask annoying questions and talk during the best parts with his bad hot breath. 6. wants to leave early to beat the rush to get back to his Lincoln Park (chicago) studio apt. to blast the music of Kenny G. 7. Keeps complaining that he's hungry and wants to get some food after, during one of Bono's speeches that you are desperately trying to hear. He keeps saying that he's heard of this new place in Wicker Park called Flash Taco (so not new) lol! and on, and on, and on... Chicago is my town and I got completely locked out. I've been complaining about brokers and the big broker sites on twitter. Tonight I get online at the gym to follow up on which dirties got all the GA tix over on s-hub. I was already "denied access." haha! Are they now gonna send out their spies like they did with PJ back in the day? I'm just a school teacher with a voice and an audience to complain to. It's wrong, unethical and I'm standing up for the little guy - me, you, and everyone else that was being honest and legitimate and got ticket jacked. I have nothing & I can't afford to travel to another city this summer. As Tom Petty sings.. "I won't back down.. gonna stand my ground..."
  5. Yes, my dear, that's the same thing that happened here. Somehow, friends of mine on both coasts got tix to our city. This is so disappointing. I guarantee you these people learned how to manipulate the system. AND, brokers jumped on the pre-sale. They have ways around the new system...trust me. Suckers
  6. If this was U2's attempt at trying to be more "fair" like Pearl Jam, they miserably failed. I've been seeing PJ for plenty of years and they rectify these situations immediately. This is utter b.s. So basically, Il, greedy people (not surprising), were using their codes multiple times? That wouldn't happen with the way PJ does it. Whoever those people are...you are royal scumbags. I can't believe this system wasn't more adequate to find those wussy fans. I mean, it won't be hard. They'll be the same faces you see at every show who alway manipulate the system and other fans. Have fun in MY city ️Bono & Company. This is one local chic that went be at your show. I'm gonna use my limited funds and head back to Bonnaroo ...where a little more versatility exists.
  7. U2.com and U2 screwed me. I tried MULTIPLE TIMES this morning with my pre-sale code for Chicago, the city for which I live. Every single time it told me the password was not valid. And yes the password was correct. I copied and pastes it into TM site. I'm really let down. I am a teacher and a single mother of 3 children. My city is Chicago and I can ONLY afford GA. I've been through some horrible things these past 2 years and I was really banking on this experience. And now? I can't even buy a GA because of the new ticket rule. And shame in this band for having this pre-sale right before Christmas when I'm squeaking by to buy presents for my children. I guess when you are that mega rich, you can talk about the lesser fortunate, but you really don't know what it's like. I'm disappointed in a band that I've been there for since 1981. I've been a great fan and I got royally screwed with this shotty, put together pre-sale where pre-sale codes didn't work. Have fun in my city, peeps. I can't afford their unrealistic inflated seat prices and I have no money to travel. Angry mom, teacher, and artist. Susan
  8. I've been a member since Propaganda (big deal..yeah). I have tried to renew my U2.com account for over 3 months and have followed extra provided instructions from Live Nation. Nope. No luck. I've never, ever had problems like this with any site. I've followed all rules and it just keeps kicking me back to my info page. Thank you so much. I've now probably become member 2,454, 228. Not happy and not making any headway with this glitch. I'm a little angry with you... U2.com :/ Is there any help out there? Or should I say, "awe ***k it!"
  9. HIGHLY frustrated that I have not been able to renew my account in over 3 months!!!! After a few attempts with Live Nation...no luck. I have lost my longtime membership status and I am about ready to bolt from U2.com.

    1. susanmc38


      I have followed all instructions, and every time I click continue, it loops me back to the same page!! C'mon. Get it together, please??

  10. All of my summer concert fests and Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field!!

  11. Me too! I just went to redo my subscription and it said I was already a "free member." However, when I attempted to upgrade, it wouldn't allow me to go through the prompts and kept kicking me back..... ugh. I've also been a member since Propaganda days. I'm worried that that I've also lost my "spot in line." It will not let me upgrade and keeps saying that I'm a free member. This is after several attempts. I'll read Bigwave's reply to your plea and hopefully get my info from that. Good luck!!!
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