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  1. So the mere fact that you didn't get the exact tickets you wanted is enough to make you turn your back on the band that you claim is so important to your life? I guess you weren't really that big of a fan.
  2. Most? Really? Do you have any actual facts to back up that statement?
  3. Got my emails. Not sure what I am going to do with 6 copies of the CD. I guess ebay. Just want to point out that the CD is not a gift. It is figured into the price of the ticket and is a way to rig the charts so that the album debuts at #1. The crappy thing is the way they are handling the CD part. They have my mailing address why do they need me to claim it? They want to save a couple of dollars by not shipping the ones not claimed.
  4. The only thing easier than the experience pre-sale was the Citicard pre-sale. I think it took about 7 minutes total to get 2 tickets on Tuesday and 4 more GAs on Thursday. So far the verified fan system is working.
  5. Not sure what the glitch you think you have discovered is. This happens all the time. Tickets are unavailable because they are in someone's cart. people that put in best available get the Red zone tickets. Then they release the tickets because they don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money. hence the tickets become available when you search later.
  6. So tell me what is the perfect process that you want to implement?
  7. Where has it been confirmed that the U2.com members that were verified were placed in a lottery?
  8. There are plenty of people that got GA tickets This week and this morning in the pre-sales. So there are plenty of opportunities for people with real tickets to post them on stubhub,
  9. Clicked on the link, put in the code, got 2 GAs and was checked out by 9:02. Couldn't ask for easier purchase
  10. Not trying to stir the pot, but it seems to me that thousands (or tens of thousands) of tickets were sold and a couple of dozen of people are upset about the system. That doesn't seem to be that bad of a ration. Between what the tour calendar looks like and past history, I am willing to bet more shows will be added. Why don't you wait until the entire process is completed before declaring it all a failure.
  11. I am going to say that you not getting concert you tickets you want is slightly less of an affront than the Holocaust. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your moral equivalencies.
  12. Initially when I tried to get tickets for Newark there were no GA available. I logged in again from my phone about 20 minutes later and got to GA with no problem. My Experience with TM Verified is this pre-sale and Bruce Springsteen on Broadway. In both cases it seems that tickets stick around longer. While you are never going to eliminate scalpers, I think this system is at least better. I know it is not popular to say, but since I have been a member of the Fan club, I have gotten GA tickets with little to no problem for every tour.
  13. I have Gen Admission tickets for Philly that are credit card entry. The email I recieved from ticketmaster does not give me an issue to transfer to someone else. But I do have the option to sell. If they add another show at Metlife, I am going to that one and not Philly. Normally I would trade with someone on here or sell for face value. That doesn't seem to be an option so I will sell them on Ticketmaster for whatever they are going for. You can hate me but this is how the system was set up. If my only way of getting rid of them is by selling on TM, why should I sell them for less th
  14. Several people have mentioned additional presales on the I&E Tour. Back on the Vertigo Tour (which was a ticket shitshow) when additional sales were added, people that had unused presale codes could use them on the added dates presales. That is what I am hoping for because I would prefer to go to the Giants Stadium show but June 28 doesn't work for me. DISCLAIMER: PAst performance is no guarntee they will do that this time.
  15. Got 4 in my cart than I had a moment of clarity and realized that it wasn't worth it. Dumped them and got regular GA.
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