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  1. Release to the public???? U2 will need a time machine to do that. Who buys a DVD in 2020? I would be happier if they released the show on 8 track tape
  2. DVD???????? WTF 2006 called. They want their format back
  3. I had no problem getting tickets for either tour. As with any sale, the people who did not get what they want feel it was a clown show. The people that got the tickets they wanted think it was run fine. Sorry you are so bitter.
  4. I guess they are just going to wait until January 28th to put up a tab that since 2020 Membership Gift to be announced shortly. How damn hard is it to take my money.
  5. I expect that the 2020 gift will be pretty good. the general rule is that in years they are not touring their are good gifts. In years that they are touring, the gifts are less terrific because people will join/re-up anyway to get presale access.
  6. Same here I was due to expire January 4. Now January 31.
  7. I never got an email about resubscribing. I just happened to check in and saw the banner that my renewal is up January 5, 2020. I clicked on it to renew. I have three choices: 1) Innocence & Experience (the 2019 gift) 2) 3D Dance Mixes (the 2018 gift) 3) Purchase Both the 2018 and 2019 gifts. C'mon, they aren't even trying anymore. Why not just send an email that says (Please send us $40 a year to remain on the presale access list. )
  8. It shows that my 2017 "gift" has shipped and they gave me a tracking number indicating that it was shipped on February 28,. Of course the tracking number shows that the label was created but the package was not dropped off.
  9. I know that most of us haven't recieved out 2017 "Gift" yet, but I just wanted to point out this from the post regarding the 2018 "Gift" "We’re opening the annual U2.com subscription cycle a couple of months early which means that if you're planning on continuing your paid membership for a further 12 months, you can re-subscribe from today. (The new 12 months will be added to the end of your existing term.)As we did last year, we’ll be announcing the special 2018 subscribers gift in the New Year... but also we’re working on one special music surprise for renewing subscribers before the en
  10. They just announced the 2018 Subscriber's gift-a bag of sheeet. At least we won't mind waiting for that one.
  11. So the mere fact that you didn't get the exact tickets you wanted is enough to make you turn your back on the band that you claim is so important to your life? I guess you weren't really that big of a fan.
  12. Most? Really? Do you have any actual facts to back up that statement?
  13. Got my emails. Not sure what I am going to do with 6 copies of the CD. I guess ebay. Just want to point out that the CD is not a gift. It is figured into the price of the ticket and is a way to rig the charts so that the album debuts at #1. The crappy thing is the way they are handling the CD part. They have my mailing address why do they need me to claim it? They want to save a couple of dollars by not shipping the ones not claimed.
  14. The only thing easier than the experience pre-sale was the Citicard pre-sale. I think it took about 7 minutes total to get 2 tickets on Tuesday and 4 more GAs on Thursday. So far the verified fan system is working.
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