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    U2!!! (of course), but also Radiohead, and pretty much every genre of music available. LOVE going to concerts which started with my interest in U2 from a young age. I also like Formula 1, football (NFL and CFL), and hockey (Go Jets Go!).
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    The Joshua Tree
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    ZooTV, first leg, Minneapolis March 30/92
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    Vancouver 1&2 for I/E
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    Hard to top first time seeing the band during ZooTV. Had total expectations of Rattle and Hum era, and they blew me out of my seat. Who were these guys? Fly shades and mirror balls? What the heck? Life changing.
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    Can't choose
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  1. I bought the AB uber deluxe 20th anniversary reissue for just over $300 from Amazon Canada (which was somehow cheaper than Amazon US). That set was a veritable cornucopia loaded with conent - EXTENSIVE tracks on cd (two albums, tonnes of remixes, and alternate version of AB) and vinyl (album and all complete singles), two excellent documentaries (one of which was only aired on TV; my old VHS recording of it was wearing thin), music videos, Live from Sydney dvd (previously only available on VHS and Laserdisc), the best packaging I've ever seen with a magnetic tiled cover and pull out drawer box, 84(!) page HC book, Propaganda magazine reprint, 16 art prints, large sticker sheet, beautiful tour pins, and a pair of fly glasses! The 2017 JT reissue was much less fancy, but was still great to have the MSG show, alternate versions of old tracks (not just remixes), and all the b-sides and rarities together on the same slab of vinyl. Plus Edge's book was almost worth the price alone. I still happily shelled out premium pricing to get it. The ATYCLB reissue is very disappointing. To buy this at roughly the same price in Canadian $$ as the AB reissue, for what I estimate to be 1/4 of the content, is no longer acceptable in my mind. I sincerely hope that U2 management recognize that the hard core fans are getting tired of this trend of overpaying for underwhelming content. I will be taking a pass this time.
  2. They just had to wait until the eleventh hour, didn't they? Yep, just had to keep us in suspense. Keep us on EDGE, as it were.
  3. I just got my box set today, and I didn't get my record bag either. Was wondering where it was until I just read Tflyer90's reply above. Thanks. Not even upset I waited an extra week to get it (being from Canada and all). What I AM upset about, is the extra $93 UPS charged me for taxes and brokerage fees. Ugh.
  4. Actually, I was able to buy 2 GA tickets in the first 2-3 minutes, no problem.
  5. I don't have a picture of mine but it looks really cool. It's a black and white picture of a far away shot of the band on stage at the original tour in '87. $20. The tour program is $40 btw. March tent sold out when I tried to get mine, so I'm planning to pick up one in Seattle.
  6. That is a very difficult question to answer. I'll simply describe the pros and cons of different locations. We were front (well, row 3) and dead center on the main stage in Vancouver. To start the show, the lads arrive on the main stage but walk directly to the Tree stage, so for the first 5 songs (sort of an oldies greatest hits) our view pretty much sucked. But when Streets starts, they walked to the main stage, and for the whole album run through our view was incredible. I will say that the stage is very tall and wide, so it's not like you're within a few feet of the guys, but being so close to that incredible screen is simply mesmerizing. Standing at the edge of the Tree stage will get you closer to the bad, and you'll have your own little setlist to start and end the concert, since they also do the last couple of songs there. So basically, if your priority is experiencing the full power of The Joshua Tree portion of the setlist, go for main stage, but the all around experience might be better by the Tree stage.
  7. Last time, @u2.com hosted the pre-tour meet up at Doolin's Irish Pub on Nelson Street. The meet-up was the night BEFORE the first show, so you could still go to the meet up, and then get in the GA line early the next day, and meet even more fans from all over the world. I'm coming from out of town, and would have no idea what the good pubs would be to do this at.
  8. Me too! GA in Van, RZ in Seattle. I'm traveling about 1400 miles. So worth it.
  9. Nearly every reply to this post missed the original question, which was MAY you record in rz with a go pro, not SHOULD you. First off, I don't know if it's allowed for sure, but I'd be surprised if anyone disallowed it. Secondly, in defense of recording: there are numerous legitimate reasons someone wants to record. At the start of the tour, fans all over the world will be trying to see what the show is like before they get their chance to see the band. Even more so if they couldn't score tickets themselves. They sure don't want to wait a year until after the tour has ended to watch the DVD. DVDs are obviously better quality. But they often don't capture the rare songs the band play throughout the tour. I captured U2 doing Hallelujah in Montreal - incredible performance not found on any DVD. I also captured When Love Comes To Town the night after BB King died (Vancouver 2). Can't see that anywhere else, and people want to watch performances like that. Thirdly, if you choose to record, I firmly believe there is etiquette that should be followed - no bright lights or flashes, don't block others view, and stop using f***ing iPads to record (seen it too many times). It's far too easy for someone to say "just enjoy the experience". Personally recording a song here and there has never negatively impacted my concert experience. But it has let me relive amazing concert moments long after the show. Just be discreet and respectful of all around you.
  10. I know this is super early, but I was wondering if anyone is thinking about hosting a start of tour kick-off party? (@u2.com - I'm looking at you!) The night before the i/e tour in Vancouver in 2015, @u2.com hosted a tour kick-off party at a local pub in Vancouver. My wife and I went and had a FANTASTIC time! My favorite part was talking to all the fans from all over the world who gathered there for the start of the tour. Plus they had some great prizes.
  11. When Edge fell off the stage on opening night of the I+e Tour here in Vancouver it cemented the feeling that U2 were veering closely to The Rolling Stones territory...almost sad to watch in how old they've become, thereby reminding me how old I've become. Thankfully, thanks to their showmanship that feeling went away the second night despite being seated behind the stage in fan club presale-bought seats. They've got one shot this time around. One night to bring me back to 1987. Please don't fek it up, Boys. I don't think Edge falling off the stage was about his age. It seemed to me to be one of those first night screw ups. I chalk it up to him being wrapped up in the emotion of the moment, singing along with that incredible Vancouver crowd. I was directly accross the catwalk from where he fell, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Fortunately he got right back up!
  12. One note on the credit card entry thing. I've used this many times for many different concerts in the past, with no issue. UNTIL... I/E tour Vancouver 1: we were lined up in about 10 or so different rows for the different doors to go through. Our row happened to have technical difficulty with their credit card reader, so all the other rows were getting scanned in and running to the stage, and our row was standing still!!!! Beyond frustrating. Eventually they used one scanning machine for two different rows, which was slow going but at least we were moving. Anyhow, barring any technical difficulties with scanning, it's a great system. Just hope you are in a line up where the machine doesn't break down.
  13. 1) Where are you from? Winnipeg, Manitoba 2) Where are your seats? GA for Vancouver (there's 4 of us coming from Manitoba), and my buddy and I have Red Zone for Seattle. First time in Red Zone, and I can't wait to try it out! Figured it would be a good time to try it, as we'll be in line all day for Vancouver already, and I'd rather not go through the GA hassle if I'm crossing borders to go to another show. 3) How many U2 shows is this for you?Vancouver will be 13th, and Seattle will be 14th. Started with ZooTV in Minneapolis in '92, and I've seen every tour since then. I/E was both shows in Vancouver, which were the first U2 shows I attended with my wife (we were married in 2013). For Vancouver 1, we were right on the catwalk next to the "e" stage, and during Every Breaking Wave, I swear Bono was looking directly at us during the whole song. It was like Bono gave us our own little private concert, among 15,000 fans. Pretty amazing. 4) Song on JT you most want to hear? Very tough question. Since I first saw Rattle & Hum, I've always said I need to see Exit live before I die, and I will finally get my chance. But then I thought, the fact that they have NEVER played Red Hill Mining Town live, and we will be the first people in history to hear it live, BLOWS MY MIND!!! Can't wait!!!
  14. I got 2 GAs for Vancouver right away. I bought one Red Zone for Seattle, and got through right away. My buddy was also trying for Red Zone Seattle (using TM app), and kept coming up as nothing available. I tired for him for a few minutes with my laptop Firefox browser, and after a few minutes (about 15 minutes after they went on sale), I managed to get him a Red Zone ticket. He owes me one presale code now. Bottom line: keep trying. You never know when/if you'll get through.
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