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  1. Could I get in on Mich's ticket???


    Always wanted to come to your fair land, and meeting up with the zootops would be amazing.... 


    (I know, I know, I'm not around enough.....  no one knows who I am any more!!  :unsure: but I'm still a zootop in my heart!!)

  2. in fact, we're headed to Vancouver for this tour, and just confirmed an apartment / condo on VRBO for less than $100/night, near the venue, and it looks really great. 


    we've had great luck on that site....  check it out :-)

  3. just fyi, we came to boston to see bruce a couple yrs ago, and we found an awesome deal on an apartment on VRBO....  it was located downtown, an incredible location and relatively inexpensive. Clean, private, and PERFECT!


    just a thought!

  4. 11282- unable to log on for the longest time.... now I'm able, and EXCITED with the new music and a new album in the near future....Plus I just discovered UR radio which I LOVE!!!! and a guiness and whiskey on board.... and I miss you guys!!!!! 


    ARE we excited about a potential NEW TOUR??????

  5. cold and rainy here......  trying to decide just what to do with my day....  gotta work all wknd so I gotta make it good today, right?  Thanks guys for the sweet thoughts about my puppy.... 


    I might google argos to see what we're missing over here!




    a chauffer and handyman for the snow, what a PERFECT idea 123 :-)

  6. OMG that picture turned out way to big;;;;;;;;;!!  oops again..... 865.....anyway , you get the idea.!  (and thank you to those who have posted on my FB page!!  I feel like the lot of us are dog people and understand.........)

  7. well helloooooo everyone!!  oops...... 864!.....  wow Janette, what a mess!  cold and rainy here too, .....  and the house is toooooooo quiet.  We lost our best friend and faithful companion, 2 weeks ago.  Can NOT get used to not having him at my side, by my feet, greeting me at the door, listening to me prattle....  and just being here to be loved on......  :wacko: he was such a great dog.  .....


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