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  1. i LOVE stephen colbert! sorry i missed the first hour, but i'm here NOW!
  2. And i got MY first one today.... just as i got home from the post office after mailing my overseas batch.... (sorry i'm SO late!) Thank you Spicy!! Looking forward to enjoying my treat in the morning....
  3. (well..... at least it works as a link......)
  4. (frustrating!!! can NOT get this video to post.... will someone embed it for me??) THANKS! (plus pm me with new directions on how to make this work?? )
  5. thanks everyone! for the lists and corrections..... mailing today and tomorrow...
  6. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: daltonsisters']I would also love to have had more of this kind of thing. So evocative and Bono's vocals are extraordinary. Thanks, Spicey! Love your idea for a film or Cirque show based on U2's music. Excellent!! at the 2:14-2:16 mark=bono heaven!! agreed!! love this... hadn't seen it in a while.... thank you for posting!
  7. [quote name='utwothefly wrote: xtraspicy62 wrote: utwothefly'] Nice one ...just incase! are looking forward to doing the cards this week end? perhaps while cookies are baking and christmas songs are playing?
  8. your story paints such a beautiful picture.... i feel calmer and more centered just reading it....
  9. very excited .... and curious!! altho, i'm prepared for it to be LESS exciting than what I'm hoping for!!! haha
  10. 64491 - cold gray morning here.... but the happy news is that the "EVENT" happens at noon here, which is while the dinner prep is still going on.... SO that works!! see ya all here then!
  11. 64491 - cold gray morning here.... but the happy news is that the "EVENT" happens at noon here, which is while the dinner prep is still going on.... SO that works!! see ya all here then!
  12. siiiggghhhhh...... thank you Anjana!!! perfect pick me up for the morning after let down... our boys shirtless, verrrrry nice!
  13. 64486 - haha all day yesterday i meant to visit the birthday thread, then got distracted when there were ACTUAL blue lights in here!! i'm running off to meet Larry there now feel better Anj.... (when i'm done with him, shall i send L over for that massage??)
  14. 64480 - yeah! then you need less time at the gym!! that is definitely a benefit! my job is lots of walking up and down hallways, but then tooooooooooo much sitting. I try hard to stand and walk as much as i can during my day (well most days anyhow!) but it is not enough... then the days are too long to make it to the gym and i gotta try to catch up on my days off... endless circle!
  15. 64478 good idea Anj!! I wondered what that was...... yep having a paycheck is really what counts Caz, and if it's something you like and fits in your day, all the better... i'd like something less stressful, without the long days!! but gotta have the paycheck. you know, there's music to buy, and concert tickets to pay for! haha
  16. 64475 - ya getting home early would be nice... i work 3 days a week, but they are twelve hour days plus a long drive.... so i leave the house at 6, and get home at 8 pm... LONG days... but SO nice to have the rest of the week off. so it all works out. don't think I've heard what your new job is???
  17. 64473 - i'm doin great Caz... how's your new job?? I sympathize with your early hours... for years now I have to up by 4:30 to get to work on time.... very hard some days! lol
  18. 64471 - CAZ! ANJ! Blue lights... blue lights.... what do I DO?
  19. nikki1120


    i liked it..... Linear.... but I can't say I underSTOOD it.... did anyone actually underSTAND it?? what was it trying to say? i agree the photography was awesome, and striking and all that, but WTF was the message?? (if there was one!)
  20. He speaks again tomorrow! ............ Is ending poverty possible? Watch Bono, musician, activist and co-founder of ONE, and World Bank Pres. Kim discuss live on November 14 at 3pm EST/ 20:00 GMT: http://bit.ly/PPCB1l
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