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  1. Replying to Ender above, I'm orig from M'boro but moved to FL in 1991. Still have family there and visit often. I was at The Edge's feet in ATL during Pride. So mind blowing!! I posted it on YouTube
  2. Watched the DVD tonight with headphones and was blown away. They captured that show perfectly! I saw the Nashville and Atlanta shows, and was happy that there were a few variations from my shows. It was emotional...took me back to being there and how awesome that tour was. Cudos to all involved!!
  3. I’m coming from out of town and won’t arrive until Midday Sunday. So I should go check in then? What’s the latest Monday that the check in number is honored? I can’t imagine sitting in line all day from 8am and then enjoying the show, especially if tropical rain is likely...
  4. The ATL link on TM takes you to the venue website then it was easy enough to get in, but they deleted my cart when I had to reset my password! I kept refreshing for 30 min and FINALLY a GA ticket came up. So relieved...I had to use my member code Tues for 2 reserved seats in Nashville.
  5. Finally got a GA ticket for Atlanta. Very stressful. Had one in my cart but had to reregister for the venue "partner site" and they emptied my cart before done...then said "no match" for GA when I went back in. I kept refreshing and FINALLY got one but it was tough. I'd suggest refreshing for about 30min to see if anyone's card is declined and they become available. Worked for me!
  6. Finally got a GA ticket for Atlanta. Very stressful. Had one in my cart but had to reregister for the venue "partner site" and they emptied my cart before done...then said "no match" for GA when I went back in. I kept refreshing and FINALLY got one but it was tough.
  7. I bought 2 for Nashville in sect 113. They were $106 each, but the map linked above said tix in the same area would be $175-329, so it may not be totally accurate. Just hoping the view is good!
  8. Just got 2 presale tix in Sect 113 for Nashville. They're side stage and wondered if the side and behind stage seats will be obstructed. Had to make a judgment call. Hope to get a GA for ATL in the presale Thur.
  9. Just got my Red Zone ticket for the new Louisville show. I did inner circle GA, outer circle GA, and reserved seats for 3 different 360 shows(Atlanta, Tampa, and Nashville) and loved them all. I decided to try RZ after the mess trying to enter at the stadium in Tampa. It was awful. I hope things are more organized in Louisville. I refused to go back to TPA again and didn't want to camp for Bonnaroo, so thought I'd have to miss this tour. So glad they added L'ville. I'll be in Nashville just before it.
  10. Atlanta Georgia Dome did an excellent job with the GA entrance, but yesterday in Tampa was a complete disaster!! I got there at 3pm knowing that the heat index outside was 102 degrees, but had no idea of what was to come. Staff knew nothing about the location of "Dock A" (they pointed me in the wrong direction). The ticket scanner at the wristbanding station didn't know how to use his device, so asked some folks to walk half way around the stadium to confirm their tix (we refused and waited for someone with a clue). THEN there was no line...just 3 cattle corrals leading to a loading dock where at least 500 were crammed at 3:30 thinking that they would enter early (not). between the extreme heat and cramped conditions, several passed out. It was so tight that the ONE and AMNESTY workers could not even get in and sign people up. Also, no restrooms, no portolets (that I could see), and no one taking stuff back to cars (many just tossed thier chairs, umbrellas, tents, and coolers). Thank goodness that once we got in, it turned into a nice evening and GREAT show...but the entrance was a nightmare. Some kept a sense of humor which made it bearable. U2 management should set strict guidelines for venues and GA lines.
  11. I've seen the band many times but this was my 1st in GA/Inner Circle. Here is what I discovered: 1) After reading up on the procedures, all was pretty much as expected. ATL lineup and entry was well done. I got there at 1pm and was in the inner circle on Edge's side on the rear rail by 6pm. I was nervous that with so many in front of me in line, I may be shut out of the inner circle, but posts were correct...plenty of room until close to U2. 2) I ran straight to the stage without getting merch...but after the show, all the ATL/ Georgia Dome specific shirts were sold out, so don't assume all merch will be available at exit time. 3) Someone in charge needs to prohibit the pizza/beer vendors from being in the inner circle at least while bands are playing (anyone agree??). After Muse started they were still in front of us with large crates of "fresh hot pizza" and "iced cold beer" over their heads blocking view for half a song or more...not cool, and made several folks very angry. 4) I tried to limit watching video of the tour so it would be a surprise, but I should have known that the bridges move, and that Edge's bridge stopped on top of my spot every time...fun at first but blocked a good bit of Until the End of the World and other songs. 5) Other posters are correct that being in the inner circle is terrific, but some aspects are missed by being so close. I may stay back a little bit in Tampa to get the big picture. It was amazing being that close though!! I'm sure a lot of you will think most of this was obvious, but I'd have liked to have read this before ATL...Thanks..
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