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  1. Hi everyone! Looking forward to my first show since 2011! I wonder if anyone is familiar with when the band sound check and when the set times for Noel and U2 are on this tour? I imagine it’s complicated a bit since Adelaide is called for 6:30pm instead of 7pm like Auckland, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Thanks!
  2. Just wondering...have any other US people not received their U22? It seems like mostly Europeans that haven't. I'm in California, and supposedly that's where they're shipping from!
  3. The US discs got shipped from California? Man, I'm IN California and I haven't gotten one yet.
  4. I am wondering where in the world my U22 is. Still no package in Los Angeles
  5. I'm concerned if they've chosen to work with this guy, but to be honest I'm more encouraged that they are constantly trying to seek out and incorporate new ideas. This is a band that still wants to be on the radio, still sell records, and still be in the culture instead of going out to pasture and playing the hits every summer in ampitheaters. For me, that gives them a lot of leeway.
  6. I like "Breathe" best. As exciting as "EBTTRT" was, it just feels to me like opening a show with an old chestnut is something that past-their-prime bands do when they play state fairs. Bands that want to be relevant hit you with something new.
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