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  1. There is an assumtion that most people seem to have that all blu-rays are 1080p, but if you look at the back of the case it clearly states 1080i. In my opinion i think they went 1080i because they planned on using the stage cameras from the video screens for some shots, and if they went 1080p the difference between stage production cameras and 1080p cameras was to obvious when they switched from one to another. I think some of the video shoot cameras were less than HD though, also 1080P and 720P tvs tend not to look great when watching 1080i (one of the many times useless bits of info. I learn
  2. In the youtube stream the edge forgot where i'll go crazy ended and played the last chord twice, but the edited version sounds wierd.
  3. I think there was a shot of another show(vegas i think) at 3:14 in the video, but i don't see why they couldn't have re-cut one shot. Wish they director or band would have stated why breathe was cut, it seems to be on alot of people's minds.
  4. I actually think at 3:14 in the video there is a shot of a Sam Boyd Stadium, maybe after they edited the show they found that out, and that's why they cut it from the show.
  5. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: Claire T wrote: Janette B']I think that they should have left it as it was, gaff and all. Remember during Elevation (Communications cd) when he starts coughing and ends up saying he had a frog in his throat? I LOVE that part and I'm so glad they didn't edit it out! agreed if I didn't want the funny bits or the sad bits 'd listen to the album The whole point of going to a gig is to see the band in their natural form warts and all! So what if The Edge plays a bum note or Bono forgets the lyrics it's life and it happens and that's what makes it so wonder
  6. Now that the "Breathe" video from the Rose Bowl DVD is on the site with Bono's gaff on the first verse edited out, Would you rather have had the mistakes made by U2 edited out or kept in the final version of the DVD? I personally think not editing mistakes out makes for a better live dvd, because it makes the experience of watching a live concert DVD more like actually being there. What do you think?
  7. The band should release an explanation of why breathe is not in the regular setlist for the dvd, maybe there is a good reason that they haven't told us. maybe they lost some of the footage from the show.
  8. Bono makes small mistakes at like every concert, i'm not surprised he made a mistake at this one also. I love U2 because if they make a mistake they shrug it off and play their best. I can't speak for all U2 fans, but i believe most people don't like them because they never make a mistake, it's because they have alot of great songs. I bet 99 percent of fans would rather have Bono butcher a line in a concert dvd than have the intro of the concert taken out of the dvd.This may actually hurt sales.
  9. Check out the posted videos on youtube, i bet the reason "breathe" isn't not on the dvd is because Bono messed up the "cockatoo "part of the song. The last three full concerts on dvd were taken from two shows for each concert dvd, so they had two takes for every song. Since they shot a single show live for the original broadcast, any mistakes couldn't be edited as seamlessly. I don't agree with the decision to scratch the first song just because of a mistake, but i think i get where they're coming from.
  10. Picture taken from the innner circle of Bono and Larry
  11. I just want to thank you for being a nonviolent commenter. With so many people hatemongering in times of dissapointment you have dignity. I don't know howi would have dealt with this.
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