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  1. The European presales look like they will be great success. The U2 store is still telling Uk and Ireland customers to preorder the album before 30/11, and it's now 4/12. Maybe someone should tell the not so Live Nation that the album is out. This whole presale cock up has really soured the album release for me.
  2. When is a fan not a fan ? When they don't have a mobile I've been a paid up fan since the WAR years and because I don't have a mobile I can't be a Verified Fan Thanks LIVENATION/TICKETMASTER
  3. Just a thought, can't the site create a ticket template for subscribers to download and print as a souvenir of the shows After each show post a template or wait until after the tour. We all love to keep our tickets, I've got all my old tickets starting with The War tour at Dundee Caird Hall, price £3.50
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