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  1. but still surprising to be able to pull up 4 GAs today!
  2. cheers to everyone who posted their hints last week... I was able to get 3 GAs to Auckland 2 in less time than it took me to play One Tree Hill :-) Don't give up if you get an error like this, just close it and try again from U2.com/tour
  3. If you were trying from a school, sometimes Ticketmaster blocks out an IP address thinking it's a bot (even though it's an entire University!)
  4. YAY! I was really getting worried for you... way to not give up :-)
  5. I'm sorry you feel that way. If it makes you feel better, there are still GAs available right now (just before the Wires presale opens):
  6. I think you must have misunderstood me, Monica... of course I gave the tickets back! I was just practicing the process for when my show (hopefully) goes on presale. Sorry to have upset you, but I would never buy tickets that weren't for me!
  7. Interesti Interesting... that was the only thing I wasn't able to find! Congrats!
  8. I can't make it until Auckland #2 (fingers crossed that gets added) but I still wanted to check the presale, and I was easily able to put 3 GAs in my shopping cart: (It was very hard not to click on Get Tickets ;-)
  9. Just picked mine up... for anyone interested it costs $24.99 😳
  10. As you can see in my post above, we contacted support using the Help Page two weeks ago, but still have yet to hear back 😞 bigwave, if you or anyone else can look into why the accounts for "mk_u2" and "samy_the_edge" were not extended until January... we would greatly appreciate it, as we don't know what else to do!
  11. Thanks bigwave. Still waiting on a reply from them: Thanks for your email! A Fan Club Support rep should get back to you within 12 hours. Please don’t reply to this email as it won’t get forwarded to a representative. Be assured that we will answer your original email ASAP! Thanks for being a fan!
  12. My uncle (mk_u2) has his subscription expiring on November 10th, 2018... so he obviously needs to renew. The only choices for his renewal, however, are the previous fanclub gifts from 2017 & 2018. In the past we've been told "just renew and we'll make sure to send you the correct gift" but I know people who did this often got duplicates of their previous gift and then were no longer eligible for the correct gift. How can he renew and get the 2019 gift that he should be getting? Thank you for any help with this!
  13. I haven't heard anything about it on any fansite either... I guess it's a good thing they had a 1 week break lined up!
  14. ...right before he sings: “shouldn’t be here ‘cause I should be dead” No, seriously... I'm not kidding!
  15. Was there a meet & greet the next day? If so, anyone ask about it? "Edge has this thing that he says about me, that I look upon my body as an inconvenience"
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