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  1. found these from the ol' staasshh John Mayer: Ben Folds:
  2. just found my stash of videos, I may be putting more up
  3. nileman


    Its hard living in Lincoln Nebraska knowing that U2 wanted to play Memorial Stadium on Zoo TV and 360 and the university turned them down... I hate UNL now
  4. They will send it you when they get them. Im guessing they dont even know whats on it yet... somone said that they will ship at the end of the year, subscription gifts tend to take a while
  5. i suspect ill see most of you in line all day
  6. other than MAYYYYBEEEE the Pop album, I really doubt thats ever going to happen
  7. achtung72 wrote: Do you know how old Pierce Brosnan (officially worst James Bond) is? woah woah woah... Brosnan, while definitely not the top Bond, is definitely not the worst. Granted the plots wentdownhill after every one of his Bond films, that wasnt his fault. Lazenby and Dalton are easily under PB, and I believe that is also the general publics conceneses.
  8. joshua tree and unforgettable make the best U2 driving albums, ESP on the interstate
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