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  1. My great-grandmother tried forcing my grandmother into having an abortion but she refused. If she had gone through with it she would have aborted my father. Nice to know my favourite band would be ok with it if my father, my sister, my daughter, and myself never existed.
  2. Good version of Acrobat, but I hope that embarrassing MacPhisto sequence is a once off.
  3. I got tickets in the presale for 360 for their first Perth show for my wife and I. Then when the second night was announced I got tickets for that show for me and a mate. My wife was all like "You're already seeing them, why do you have to go twice?" My reason was that they're playing my home town and it could be the last time I get to see them. Glad I did because not only was it way better than the first night, but at this rate it looks like it could be the last time.
  4. Did they paint their toenails red? They're probably hiding in the strawberry patch.
  5. I've said previously that I reckon it would be hilarious if Bono went on his usual rant and ended it with "but hey, don't let the bastards grind you down." Crowd gets excited... then the band just plays Pride. (Sort of happened to me at 360 when they were playing the Zooropa chatter, I'm thinking "Zooropa? They never play that!" and then played COBL instead.)
  6. Prediction 1: The fans who wanted Acrobat will finally get their wish. Prediction 2: They'll now complain about how it was played.
  7. Now if they can just apply that to every public place around the planet.
  8. Were you here when the website got updated for NLOTH and users had trouble logging in? It was like they thought Larry was plugging and unplugging ethernet cables while Edge was coding.
  9. I agree but only because they seem to be performing it out of duty. On the I&E special Bono looked utterly bored singing it. I'd rather see them do a random song with enthusiasm than a hit on autopilot.
  10. Beautiful Day The good thing about opening 360 with it was it got it out the way early and anything after it was almost guaranteed to be better.
  11. Dunno how true it is, but apparently the intro to EBTTRT is the sound made on the train when the doors close.
  12. A few years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger was over here giving a talk about business. After the seminar, a few had paid about $10,000 each to have dinner with him. Apparently he wasn't there very long (didn't even finish his meal iirc) before one of his people ushered him away for something else. The people who coughed up 10k for it weren't impressed.
  13. Good advice. Like I said in another thread, I can remember pretty much everything from Popmart because I just took everything in. At Vertigo and 360 I was taking heaps of photos and it totally snaps you out of the moment.
  14. Same. I tried keeping watching the DVD to a minimum before I saw Vertigo live, but then when the tour got postponed (and looked like it might not happen) I watched it to death. Even watched it the day before the show. Although there were changes to the setlist and stage setup I did kind of ruin it for myself.
  15. I was recently telling a mate how jealous I was of him 'cause he got to see Hawkmoon on the Lovetown Tour. Think it was the first time they played it live too.
  16. Same thing happened to me with HTDAAB. A music shop had it on the shelves two days early, but $10 more than RRP of other stores. Went to another store to see if they had it cheaper, they said it wasn't out until the next week. So I went back to the other store and paid $10 more to get it two days early. Back on topic, R&H is a criminally underrated album, some of the rarely played stuff would be welcomed.
  17. The last song of their's I liked was Speed of Sound, and that was about 12 years ago. Even then I probably only liked it because it sounded U2-ish. Where The Streets Have No Name is imo U2's most epic song (that doesn't mean it's their best song, just the most epic) and they have very wisely never tried to top it. Coldplay seems to want every song to be Streets. And then Streets on steroids.
  18. I put R&H equal with TJT and Achtung Baby. Took me a few years to warm to "Love Rescue Me", but otherwise there isn't a single dud in the studio songs. "All I Want Is You" was the song that started my interest in them. The backlash to the movie and the album all happened before I became a fan so I was ignorant to it and didn't think they deserved it. But if it hadn't copped it, U2 wouldn't have been pushed into trying something new, no Achtung Baby, and they probably wouldn't still be around today.
  19. In a previous thread I said that I thought NLOTH felt like a companion piece to Pop: Boots/Discotheque, Cedars/Wake Up Dead Man, Stand Up Comedy/Holy Joe I reckon TUF, especially the B-sides, hints at an early Achtung Baby.
  20. Didn't they have to pay a whopping fine back in the day for Send In The Clowns?
  21. I was at the front at 360 and Adam didn't pull me up on stage and hand me his bass so I could rip into God Part II in front of 60,000 people. What a jerk.
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