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  1. Lets be honest you pretty much have to be patient if you subscribe to U2.com.
  2. Sent to me from U2.COM last week : In a touring period, paid-up subscribers receive an opportunity to enter a special ticket presale. No mention of a lottery there. It would be nice if the staff at U2.COM were all singing from the same song sheet.
  3. It would be a very good idea to publish this somewhere prominent on the web site.There are a huge amount of people in Europe who are very confused about this issue. When we look at our account details we are told to complete the verified process.
  4. 52 last month. 96 shows so far (1st was September 1980 ) If they had added a second at Croke Park I'd hit 100 this year - gutted!
  5. U2 have a massive say in ticket & merchandise prices and £32 is a total rip off.
  6. Have to agree 100% with Phill (including the expletive deleted lol).Whats wrong with people? Take a few pictures - fine. But standing there half the night with camera aloft?Get a life! Watch the opening of the Paris Elevation dvd. A show that half the world knew was going to be filmed and what are half the crowd doing? Filming it!!!
  7. You could head for Boston Manor tube if you grab an Uber after the gig. Roughly 5 miles from Twickenham straight into central London on the Piccadilly line.
  8. Wembley Arena. Wembley Stadium (both nights). Leeds,Elland Road. Paris,Hippodrome. Cardiff Arms Park. Birmingham NEC 3RD & 4TH August. Miami,Orange Bowl. Tampa Stadium. Still one of the best tours they ever did in my opinion.So many great nights!
  9. I live in Donegal and had no problem ordering mine to be sent by post.
  10. The thing is they have 3 clear days between Barcelona and Dublin.The fact is they must have known there would be no second gig prior to the tour announcement. So? You cant critique the band for what you assume they know or dont know. If they cant do a second show in Dublin, they cant. Better they do one, than none at all. J'es. I was gutted at missing out on Slane because I didn't install a home computer soon enough back in the day. But I got over it! The logistics of moving a tour around are largely out of the musicians hands when it comes to adding shows. I'm still surprised there's a tour this year. I didn't criticise anyone. I merely pointed out that the band would have been well aware that they would not get a second date at Croke Park before the tickets went onsale. That being the case why would a 'band spokesperson' be quoted as saying the lack of a second gig is down to logistics? Look at the dates.There are a couple of times where there is only one day between shows in different cities.No sure how the Slane comment is relevant I got my tickets through the fan club by post so no need for a computer. And I have nothing to get over-I have a ticket for the Dublin date.
  11. The thing is they have 3 clear days between Barcelona and Dublin.The fact is they must have known there would be no second gig prior to the tour announcement.
  12. Residents only refers to residents of the area around Croke Park. Same applies at Twickenham where residents can apply for tickets in a lottery style draw after the sale has closed.
  13. Apologies I didn't make myself clear.The Irish Times quoted a band spokes person as saying there was no second gig due to logistics. Is this true or not?
  14. Outside the M50? I'm saying a decade for you right now! It took them 18 years to find Belfast on the map again so I'm not holding my breath.
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