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    September 1980,they supported Rory Gallagher at Aylesbury Friars.
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    Too many to list - at a push,Chicago 2009 (both nights)
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  1. Sent to me from U2.COM last week : In a touring period, paid-up subscribers receive an opportunity to enter a special ticket presale. No mention of a lottery there. It would be nice if the staff at U2.COM were all singing from the same song sheet.
  2. It would be a very good idea to publish this somewhere prominent on the web site.There are a huge amount of people in Europe who are very confused about this issue. When we look at our account details we are told to complete the verified process.
  3. Wembley Arena. Wembley Stadium (both nights). Leeds,Elland Road. Paris,Hippodrome. Cardiff Arms Park. Birmingham NEC 3RD & 4TH August. Miami,Orange Bowl. Tampa Stadium. Still one of the best tours they ever did in my opinion.So many great nights!
  4. Well they have been getting back to their punk roots so it makes sense in a way.....'ever get the feeling you've been cheated ?'.
  5. I was at both gigs so far at the o2 and arrived at the venue at around 7 on both nights. Got great views on both nights.
  6. I'd bring your passport.I'm in the same boat as I'm over from Ireland.They didn't check my id on Sunday or Monday but you can guarantee if you don't bring it they will ask!
  7. I got into the O2 at 8 on Sunday night and myself and my daughter ended up 6 feet from the main stage having spent the afternoon in the pub. Last night we got in at the same time.Spent the first half in front of the Edge.Moved to the b stage and then stood in front of Adam for the rest of the gig. I honestly have no clue why anyone would want to queue for hours but each to their own.
  8. Just read that Live Nation are only allowing one pre sale code per household. This is outrageous ! Surely U2 dictate the number of tickets that can be bought not Live Nation? If there are 2,3,4 U2 fans in the same household they only get 2 tickets? Thats just wrong.
  9. Its September 1980 and I have just started back at school following my annual holidays in Donegal visiting my family. I was already big into music (and had been lucky enough to catch Horslips live whilst I was there).I was always reading music papers and reading any music related news and whilst in Ireland I kept seeing the same name crop up 'U2' .They had played Leixlip Castle whilst I was in Ireland (supporting The Police)and were getting great reviews all over. When I got back to Luton (where I lived)I was intrigued enough to buy the bands first UK single '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' - and love
  10. anyone have estimated date for the release? before xmas 09???
  11. Met a fantastic crew from Glasgow at the Dublin gig back in '05. So,Damien and crew,WHERE ARE YOU? If you remember drinking too much and singing with Adrian and Jason drop a line we need to hook up on the next tour.
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