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    December 12, 1987 Hampton Rhodes, Virgina
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  1. Got tickets thanks! My travel plans have changed, I will be able to attend this show. If anyone has two GAs to sell please contact me. Thanks
  2. Dec. 12 1987 Hampton, Virginia. Dalton Bros and Larry singing Tequila Sunrise.
  3. December 12, 1987 Hampton Va. The last show of the JT tour. Larry sang Teqelia Sunrise and the Dalton Bros. played. The band had so much energy it was surreal.
  4. Dumb Luck! It hasn't rained in North Carolina most of the summer. Last week on Monday it rained all day and even had some flash flooding. It appears the albums are bulked mailed, shipped via UPS to the Post Office then the PO distributes them. It appears mine must have been outside most of the day in the rain. When it was delivered on Wednesday the shipping cardboard was still wet. The cardboard was also all wavy like cardboard does after it gets wet. I could tell there was water inside the plastic. I called the U2 help line. The lady was nice and is shipping me a new record directly via UPS
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