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  1. Same here. Except that I went back in app and got tickets which this time included an email from TM. Just checked my credit card. I have two charges for tickets and two charges for insurance.
  2. TM website was a disaster. Wouldn't take my code. couldnt find seats. Crashed repeatedly. Downloaded and tried phone app. It found tickets, let me put them in my cart, add insurance, enter my cc security code, and then BAM an error message saying they can't complete my order and to contact customer service. No customer service number to call. I find one. It's busy. I received an email from insurance place saying thanks for using them to insure my event. So.. do I have the tickets or not? What an effing mess. Update: Just tried using my code again and got an error message saying no more tickets available for this special. Really wishing I could have a drink or three right now.
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