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  2. Anyone not getting pitch2 in Dublin with a U2 subscription for over 10 years from 9am yesterday is pretty poor. Long term members should really get preference. No doubt plenty of tix will end up with part-time (big occasion) glory hunters. To think I used to 'wear-out' the Joshua Tree cassettes in my car, I played them so much, I used to have to buy new ones. Still, saw the show in '87. I can't complain too much I suppose.
  3. Gutted I missed pitch 2. I've only been a member for 1000 years tho, so what do you expect I guess. 9:03 way too late. I always panic, fumble, typo code etc Basil Fawlty fist wave at plant pots never helps either, ah well Will try for the 60th Joshua tour.
  4. I already had GA tickets for myself and my wife, I had presale having been a member for yonks. My sister was really keen to go. I waited till 9 o'clock rock this morning, despite the flak I knew I would get being late for work. On I went 9 bells on the dot, target 2 tickets for GA, we we could be together. Up they came at 9:02... No problem Trouble is in my excitement to get it all done using my sis credit card, I made a few mistakes...AND THE SECONDS WERE TICKING DOWN.....ONLY SO LONG TO SECURE THEM...... whats your postcode im screaming upstairs.....eh?.....what.....B....or P....tick t
  5. My buddy is skint, he doesn't get paid till late next week. I had planned to buy tickets for myself and my wife tomorrow, using pre sale. Then on Monday I want to buy 2 more tickets, 1 for him, one for his wife. It now looks if I do this I will lose all 4. What a mess. Anyway after 11 here is Glasgow. Time for some shut-eye. Lost interest.
  6. I just feel it will be all change now Springsteen is our new frontman ;-)
  7. So difficult to navigate back here from the U2 store....let me out!! Stuff seems rather...'grey'....anyway Yes I agree I'm an over 10 year member here too....we should be side stage, or something....'the mad subscribers area' It seems so rushed to me, planning for this has left me drained....where will I be on certain dates....home?......on business......kids holidays....school holidays.....all this to sort out in basically one evening, when I just want to sit and watch Magnum. Then there is the matter of a new album still to come....when? Halfway thru the tour? Will I miss it? Will I not
  8. I think long term xPERIANCE members of whatever will be able to buy from 9AM tomorrow UK time (10am CET) Would that make sense after reading the email? I'm slightly confused when I read 'local' etc.....Doh!
  9. Ragoo 1. Agree 2.Agree This is just a hassle.
  10. How do you know which night will be the 'loud' or 'acoustic '? Hope Glasgow has GA (standing that is) add to the atmosphere. Saw the Who there the other day, sound was great, all seated but everyone floor level stood up anyway. Still no code Had a look for tickets in my iTunes account.....no joy
  11. I've no email and no code on my tour page. I've had a look at my profile, says I've only been a member since 2009, which is untrue I've been a member for yonks. What group will I be in? If I ever receive a code that is!!!
  12. It's just the berries. A good album, could become a great album depending on how it translates in a live situation. I guess we will soon see! And hear! Cheers.
  13. I would love to hear some of the songs played at the end of the 'tree' tour ca.Lovetown days. They were widely played in Australia and New Zealand and included Hawkmoon, Love rescue me and God part 2 and the like. Had a wee snippet of them in a documentary on VHS years ago (wonder if anyone else remembers) and I remember dolphins being shown during the opening of an amazing version of Hawkmoon? (Would that be right?) Also love to hear the version of 'one tree hill' they played in Dublin 01.01.1990. Was is not just the berries? Best I've ever heard.
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