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  1. got 4 GA for Toronto. easy peasy. good price. happy they are on tour again and healthy
  2. at rogers in to 35 for ga and 280 for red zone ... not cheap i highly doubt GA TO for $35. more likely close to $100. FYI
  3. Every Song. Every Show This is fantastic news!!! A Friday night in Toronto!! Who's in?
  4. i only saw 2 shows on this tour so i'm hoping they continue into 2016 absolutey loved the cd and this tour so i have many highlights(=every new song) went to the 1st show not knowing the setlists/set up. i read nothing!! so needless to say i was blown away... iris hit me hard and city of blinding lights is still one of their greatest "new" songs.
  5. as a long term member(prop) I'm definitely OK with them allowing 2 tickets only and love that they are doing the GA entry as paperless also want to point out that the band's yearly membership gifts are A++ win win
  6. my guess is the set list will change each show(n the same city), way more than we have seen happen in the past(1or 2 songs only) that is only good news. imo
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