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  1. Hiya, We were close to the rail towards the end of the B stage. You're right, the B stage is off to one side of the main stage - because of that we focused on getting the best view of the band within the area provided. To be honest, I could see the band on the main stage but the view was much better watching it on the backdrop, and the graphics were "amazing". Only speaking for myself here, but given the chance to be as close as we were was worth it. The odds of getting that close in regular GA are probably pretty slim and the main stage is really high so being up front doesn't give you a great view. I hope you have a great time! It is an amazing show and you will have a great opportunity to be on the rail of B stage (try for the back, it's the best view of the band).
  2. Adding one of the pics from the show we went to.
  3. We went to the San Jose show. Great view back towards the end of B stage. It was epic!! The pictures we took our friends thought were off the screen behind the stage, they couldn't believe how close we were. The best part was we were able to move about freely and still have a good view, but once they moved to the main stage the view changed so we enjoyed the beautiful visuals and graphics. The best time, ever!!!
  4. That's weird...when you pull the drop down menu and click the package didn't it prompt you for the presale code in a little pop up box? It did for me. Wonder why there is so much disparity?
  5. Good luck to all! Keep trying, just now was able to get 4 Red Zone tickets for the Levi Stadium show - don't give up!
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