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  1. Tickets for the Garden are not available at the general public sale time-- only at extremely high Re-sale prices . I can't believe U2 are league with such Bad Guys! i'm guessing they just want to play to the 1%. it's a Rich man's concert only now. thinking of Boycotting them.
  2. I think I just realized I'm stuck with tickets behind the band during Ticketmaster FUBAR when I had good tix before I got rejected. Im still livid about this thanks for the screw. Hopefully I can rid of them on stub hub. You Rushed this and Fogel and ticket basterd do not care about your Fans! I can't even listen to the album without getting so Angry about it. But what do they care. I feel like I got jerked around heavily
  3. i finally got inferior tickets on the app. Booooooo TicketMaster, you are the Bad Guys! U2, you are supposed to be the good guys! Booo Oseary and Fogel you are the bad guys too!
  4. Once Again, Epic Pre-Sale failure. I had tickets in my Ticket Master basket for Saturday MSG Section 109 Row 14 Seats 14, 15 and then went to pay and Internal Error came up and they were gone. I got nothing now. Why Do I even try or get my hopes up? And they were dangled in front of me. That was very Cruel! I can't stomach to even to listen to u2 music at this point. I knew they were Rushing this. Oseary, Fogel? Who is responsible? No one they still get Paid Big!!!
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