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  1. Hey Bigwave, The train to New London seems the best option from NYC. It's about a 15 minute ride from there by car so perhaps either a cab/uber/lyft. There also appears to be a bus running from New London to the casino. http://www.seatbus.com/bus-routes-schedules-1/corridor-routes/route-1-norwich-mohegan-sun-new-london-rte-32/ Good luck! - Andrew
  2. I believe every GA patron gets a wristband, as this is what indicates to security that you have a GA ticket. For instance, if you need to use the restroom, staff check your wristband to let you back on the floor. My hunch is the early wristbanding is to accommodate the existing lineup (i.e. get them done early while everyone is organized), while minimizing stress on the staff later in the day. I would expect folks arriving later in the day to be given a wristband upon entry.
  3. If similar to 2015, then folks only going to the second show will start a lineup during the first show. OR it will be started by someone racing out at the end of the first show. These are merely possibilities, not guarantees. That said, this is commonly how it unfolds with back to back shows.
  4. Check-ins are a way to maintain your spot in line. For example, I got a number this evening. In order to maintain that number i check in with the line leaders at the designated times. For now they have been posted as 7-9 AM and PM for Wednesday. Day of show check-in is TBD, but typically it's an early line up to get in order of number. Then the venue hands out wristbands so you can leave for the day and return in the afternoon to order back up by number.
  5. Location is 1 Nashua Street (under the overpass). Checked in about a half hour ago, #s in the 50s. Check-ins are Wednesday 7-9 AM and PM.
  6. I heard it was started this morning. I will be scoping it out this evening after work and can report back.
  7. From my understanding the TD Garden always does wristbands morning of the show, then you can leave for the day (back usually 430-5ish). As you mentioned, that was the case in 2015. This has also been the protocol for other shows I've seen at the Garden, such as Arcade Fire last year.
  8. Hi All, Just to test it out, I wanted to see if my code would work for MSG3 experience presale despite purchasing two tix with my code in November. During the November Verified Fan presale, my code was denied after I purchased my two tix. Today, the code was accepted and was able to pull up 1 GA. Based on the ticket cancellation rules, I did not purchase today's ticket. However, the mods and folks at u2.com may want to explore how to permanently block a code after the allotment has been used up. I can imagine there are some people willing to take the risk at the expense of other fa
  9. U2jerry, that's quite a run of shows! I'm doing the four in Boston and one in NYC, as well. Haha gonna be a hell of a birthday month for me! Andrew
  10. Giddyup u2jerry on all points, especially our CHAMPION PATS!!!!! Thanks for the heads up on Joshua Tree at Harp. Which Boston shows are you attending? Andrew
  11. My pleasure. Just want the out-of-towners to get the most out of their Boston stay!
  12. Glad you all have shown interest. I'll send a PM to Bigwave to see if he had any luck uploading the document. If not, I'll just post the Dropbox link.
  13. Peggy, the following bars are right next to the Garden on Canal St, Friend St, and Portland St. This area for bars isn't my favorite (rowdy college/bro vibe on weekends), but they'll probably be hopping after the shows... The Harp Hurricane O'Reillys The Greatest Bar Boston Beer Works The North Star The Fours McGann's Irish Pub Once the list is posted, keep an eye on the Government Center and North End neighborhoods. Close to the Garden and more options. Best, Andrew
  14. Hi All, This can be a section to discuss plans for your time in Boston. I have compiled a list of restaurants and bars all around Boston and the surrounding areas accessible by public transportation. Food and drink options range from casual and inexpensive to moderate to very high end. The idea of this list was to offer people a take on some of my local favorites, while providing a wide variety of options depending on budget, location, and type of cuisine. Additionally, I have added a list of "to do's" including museums, parks and outdoor activities, farmers/crafts markets, sports event
  15. Hi Gailkinnegleason, you should immediately send a private message to Bigwave or one of the other moderators with your ticket and order confirmation numbers. As noted in messages above, there have some cases where cancelled tickets have been restored. Best of luck, and hopefully everything works out. Andrew
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