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  1. Uhhhhmazing!!! Blew the roof off the DC show! So glad to see them this tour in 3 different cities.
  2. such a badass show. possibly not as good as Montreal (had GA for Montreal and nosebleed for DC) but also missed out on some of the "This is not America, this is America" references in Montreal that they did in DC. Love that Bono mentioned Session's abuse of bible quotes. next stop Boston!
  3. I start with Red Flag Day everyone time I press play on this album. As a photographer, I'm editing quite a bit at a computer and this album is on repeat repeat repeat. A LITTLE MO' BETTER!!!!
  4. Ha! I'm a drummer so I rarely notice the guitar that much until Edge goes into "ching ching ching" chorus parts. The drums and bass on this album are BADASS.
  5. The Showman has traces of War in it but then it goes full blown into something that probably should have been on ACTYCLB or even Pop.
  6. It's SOOOOO Annoying. I tweeted to AmazonMusic about it. I'm on FIOS so it's not a slow internet connection issue.
  7. Scored 2 GA tix for 2nd Montreal show with code we didnt use the first time.
  8. Debating on going to the 2nd Montreal show. Going to the first Boston show already. How is the arena in Montreal?
  9. I just renewed. Logged out a couple of times before I finally got a subscribe page. My Verified statue is green but my Subscription status still says June 2018.
  10. Yes, once they scan your CC at the gate they give you a paper copy of where your seats are. Detriot is mailing tickets though from the email we got after purchasing them.
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