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  1. Kite, Iris, Please

    1. inter1


      totally agree...

  2. looking to purchase 2 tickets for tomorrow night. Have a "Hands Lithograph" from the HTDAAB series. It goes to the member who has 2 available.
  3. Got tickets for both San Jose shows. 18th through the presale, 19th today through the general sale. Killer seats for both shows. I will be taking my daughter to her first U2 show (weather she wants to go or not...........i think she wants to go:) ). I have blown my vacation fund for tickets but I can't think of a better way to spend money. (boy that sounds selfish?)
  4. San Jose on the 18th. Easiest U2/ticketmaster experience I have ever had. I was in and out by 10:03......no problems......thanks to all!!
  5. Easiest U2/Ticketmaster purchase I have ever had. I love how fast everything happened. Keep up the good work!!
  6. ptheone


    From the album: PRINTS/PICS

  7. ptheone


    MY U2 WALL
  8. ptheone


    From the album: PRINTS/PICS

  9. ptheone


    From the album: PRINTS/PICS

  10. non stop listening of new album

    1. pain_18_
    2. u2hl


      still did not listen to it....my experience will be for tomorrow! ;)


  11. Wondering when the new album will come out

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