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  1. from all that I have read concerning their thoughts on live shows....it seems like they go to great lengths to deliver the songs/performance that will best connect them to their audience. Some songs just don't work live. Some songs are too difficult to recreate live.
  2. I'm not excatly sure, but it's truly awesome......
  3. All their talents and passions come together to produce music that is spiritually uplifting and healing.
  4. You should be very happy they were up front an honest with you in an email...unlike the Gilette stadium folks who sent out a blatant lie........
  5. While hearing Bad the 2 nights I saw them this tour would have been incredible, I didn't find the shows lacking one bit because it wasn't there. it's as outdated at Streets is...that is to say...it can never be outdated......
  6. Yes, i used my old codes. But I was up for renewal in august...so I renewed. I am assuming that gives me presale benefits for the next year.
  7. my question...I renewed in August...so I am assuming I am good to go, right?
  8. I loved my seats back of stage at ginats stadium 1. They came back quite a bit.....but it wouldn't have even mattered if they didn't. the fact that they did, and seemed to enjoy it when they did, just added to everything. I think the more enthusiasm the fans show...wherever they are in the stadium...the more drawn to them the band is......
  9. I'm not posting any...but I love the 2 current geico caveman commercials...the bowling one and the one where he is ripping his clothes off running down thestreet.
  10. I had just gotten home from dropping my daughter off at her 1st day of kindergarten in upstate NY. I remember how beautiful the weather was that day. Crystalclear blue....you could pierce the moon with that sky. Usually my wife and I didn't put the TV on in the morning, but for some reason we did that morning.We had on Regis Philbin. Then a special report came on about a plane hitting the tower. They thought at 1st it was a small plane, an accident...because at 1stglance , as big as those mothers were, it didn't look like a jumbo jet hit it. But then they started getting close-ups, and the smo
  11. Try camping out in the pit. that will pretty much assure you a good spot.
  12. Breathe, moment of surrender, no line on the horizon
  13. xtraspicy62 wrote: Peter, do you need help holding it? i need all the help i can get, xtraspicy.....
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