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    U2 Mix It Up

    That show had already been released.
  2. From your description the articles seems to contain facts (tour not sold out, U2 Inc. minimizes taxes owed by moving to the Netherlands) and an opinion (NLOTHsucks). Not sure what there is to react about. There are no lies that I can see.
  3. eaplatt wrote: But...hmmmm....how perishable can digital media really be? Howzabout either of us trying to find our old posts on U2.com from, oh, a year or two ago? Nope. Plug got pulled. If we make backups of material off this site, how can we be sure a disc or flash drive or whatnot will be readable even a few years down the road? We can't. But that's because the demand to revisit those old posts is close to zero. The demand to be able to play mp3s in 10 years will be very high.MP3s have reached and have gone beyond critical mass. Unlike say "WANG" which, no, I don't remember it
  4. eaplatt wrote: You know what? I've got a huge pile of U2 music--on vinyl, CD, tape--and I've never had to pay to have it "upgraded" or risk losing my investment. Can you tell I don't own an iPod? What a rip-off. How long will fans be forced to buy new hardware and pay for future "upgrades" to keep their initial investment from fading into oblivion? -- eaplatt Physical media doesn't last forever. Tapes and vynil WILL degrade. CDs will degrade too just differently and in an all or nothing fashion. The safest wayto store music is in ones and zeros on sev
  5. johnstaf wrote: Well I think it's more a case of where you place U2 on the spectrum. No, I think it's where I put the line. I don't consider many artists to be truly original and ground breaking. I'm not unfairly keeping U2 out ofthe "original" set while including obviously derivative artists in the "original" set. I don't consider U2 "wholly original"simply because I don't consider many artists to be "wholly original."
  6. There were some issues with this but apparently they have been fixed. At first I tried upgrading but got an error message stating the upgrade was not availablein the US iTunes store. However, there have been reports of success now so I'll try it out tonight and see how it goes.
  7. Yes, I agree, originality is not quantifiable. You can certainly try to describe a piece of art as much as you can and then compare it with previous orcontemporary works to see if something truly new has been created. I understand The Edge didn't invent the guitar, anymore than Picasso invented paints, orJames Joyce invented words. But come on, you know what I'm saying regarding truly new sounds. You can use old tools to create new things. That you areusing old tools constrains you, sure. Even taken this into account, it is undeniable that PiL's sound was new. They used drums, bass, and guitar
  8. johnstaf wrote: Their sound is as unmistakable as PIL You mean it can be mistaken for PiL. johnstaf wrote: The Edge didn't invent the radiant guitar noise, he did create a sound that was uniquely his. And that sound is what exactly? You mean to tell me that when you think of The Edge you don't think of exactly the guitar sounds from that PiL song? I meanit's uncanny. The Edge did try to get away from that "Edge" sound in the 90s and when he returned to that sound in the 00s the press (and U2themselves mind you) trumpeted it as a return to that classic U2/Edge sound. Like i
  9. sea islander wrote: don't know what this has to do with Edge's guitar... Nothing. But it's awesome nonetheless. That's my favorite song off of My Aim Is True.
  10. That Gang of Four footage is made of pure win. Thanks! And hey, if you're going to bring them up. How about Wire (the band that is)? Remember, this is 1979!
  11. Bflorendowrote: U2 from other bands. It's because their sounds now is so common, and widely influenced by bands like U2, The Police, Pearl Jam. A history lesson here would show that. It's been done already!...by U2. johnstaf wrote: Every aspect of U2's sound is original. Wait a minute now, guys. U2 may now "own" the chiming-guitar with delay + 8th-note bass + soaring vocal sound as far as the general public isconcerned. And there are a lot of bands imitating U2 in that regard for sure. But U2's sound didn't come out of thin air. U2 leaned heavily on actualinnovators like J
  12. Kitty Chan wrote: and hopefully Soda, you understand for now?? I agree that lumping the non-violent devout with violent fanatics is unfair. As for the claims of "threats" I can't agree, however. Based on theevidence in front of me (the thread) I don't see it.
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