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  1. I was wondering if you could see the screen ok from just in front of the Red Zone?
  2. Hope so, but I think more possibility on 1 Nov than 25 Oct as NFL have already announced a marching band for then.
  3. I thought the first and second nights were going to be very different, innocence & experience if you will; so how does adding extra single nights fit into this scheme???
  4. probably not, and we don't know as yet whether it will be available as a download... but previous ones have been (and some still are) available in your ACCOUNT INFO page Thanks But I thought the digital download was part of the deal As it clearly states in the offer: "Produced on vinyl, true to the show's original vintage, you'll also be able to digitally download the entire set."
  5. Call me cynical, but makes me suspect that TM held some back and are now selling at inflated prices??
  6. Absolutely. Just wish we could download the Crystal Ballroom film not just stream it.
  7. Can't see how disposable CC would work as need to have card and ID. So this would seem like fraud to me.
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