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  1. Well no emails as of the morning so I just called TM back. He told me that they know there is a problem as it was discussed at a meeting this morning. He said that emails would go out today about it. Not holding my breath, but hoping to get them.
  2. I just called TM and they told me that the email I received was for the new music. I told him it wasn't working and he said he would send me another email today with the link to download and a second email to get the CD as I purchased as I purchased 2 tickets. So we shall see.
  3. Who did the email come from? I got one about a week after tickets went on sale from MRS Sandbox but thought it was junk as I didn't think we would get the code until today, but kept it anyway. Today thinking that was it I opened it and see it was from livenation/ticketmaster. So I clicked on the link and get an error message saying: Something went wrong. Perhaps we can help. We are an email service provider, and email sent from tr*****.com (strikeouts mine) comes from our subscribers. So we're guessing one of our subscribers sent you a message with this link in it. Sorry for any tr
  4. WZLX and Carter Allen put out a video today about the tour and what he thought it meant. Granted not official, but something to think about. if you go to www.WZLX.com you can watch it. It's on the main page. I would have linked it directly but could not figure out how.
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