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  1. Good tip above, Lemon. P.S. to all - thx for your tips & support. Was really upset & frustrating!
  2. Awesome - congrats! Thanks Ultraviolet Really should NOT be this difficult. Good luck to all!
  3. Make sure it is for the right group: JTA for Red Hill or JTB for Wires. Makes a difference & won't accept if you use the code for the wrong group.
  4. Keep trashing the cache, closing browser (or app) & start over. Crapshoot imo... Really random.
  5. UPDATE: FINALLY GOT TIX!!!! *slow clap* - GAs too. That was the biggest nightmare & hassle - 2 days & over 4+ hours of trying. Got them thru a very long website cycling/ wait.... PHEW. Worst experience ever.
  6. Which show? I just checked 2 minutes ago and with my Wires code I can get Philly GA. Yesterday I could GA in CHI (I didn't) but not in Vancouver (hometown). Today, equally awful - zero luck. I'll keep trying but 2 days in, and I've got to keep trying? Serious FAIL! PS U2 & TM - This shouldn't entail "luck" if you've got so-called "legacy" code- presale & longtime fan.
  7. App hasn't worked for me yesterday or today & right at opening. FFS. THE WORST.
  8. Yep - me too. Day 2 Red hill group - zero GA for Vancouver. Same as above
  9. Day 2 - Zero luck today. No GAs. So much for legacy membership (RedHill).
  10. Don't bother - You just get a bot that says the tickets (general sale) are not on sale yet. They don't deal with presales. Apparently. ( I tried this yesterday)
  11. Good luck WIRES & RedHill today! Thx for the support - Wish me luck!
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