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  1. yes, but it is because we only live once ,I mean this is the only chance we have to live a "perfect" life,and sometimes we live like we were sleeping till something shakes us.
  2. Simply what gives you peace,what makes you forget about yourself and makes you think that if God is considering it too,is normal he is forgeting about us sometimes. example :any image of the universe and its galaxies.
  3. The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins ,a contemporary writer of Charles Dickens
  4. fall colors is the only part I love about this season...it´s a season inclined to sadness:the begining of a change,days are shorter....
  5. and ...whose the space of incertitude we move into to decide?
  6. Hiding On Perfect Emotion
  7. how can there be free will in such a perfectly planned universe? how can free will exist when no one knows all of the information to make the right decision?
  8. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: monicamartinuri']that´s something that the others should answer. how could the others tell what you love bout yourself, monica? your virtues I mean...
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