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  1. Me 2 !  My unit was updated on u2 account before my other utilities and sent to wrong unit.  No one answers the phone at live nation.  

    Leaves me hearing a loop from songs of innocence. Guess no one has been Into the office for years to update the music.  Hahah. Ugh.  All down hill after farming out to live nation.    Help !,

  2. 28 minutes ago, scoot430 said:

    Looks like there are many GA tickets on stub hub for LA Forum already.  Aren't these supposed to be paperless tickets / show your ID?

    Not pleased that I had to renew my subscription early (why?) and jump through all these bizarre text hoops, all so a bunch of scalpers could get tickets.

    i thought the same  

    why all the rigor to get a paper ticket  kind of defeats the purpose  just saying 

  3. Hi

    has anyone received the 2017 gift of the 4 vinyl records ?  Just realized I haven’t gotten mine as I renewed for next year.   Called customer service and they had no clue.  Lol.  Please advise if they have shipped or delayed in the US.  Thanks 

  4.  I’m a little late posting this but no one else seems to understand the experience I had at the New Orleans Superdome. I went to use the Porta potty‘s that were located on the floor under the tunnel. During becks last number I’m walking back towards the floor I see two man dressed in black walking towards me and I said hey that guy looks familiar.  turns out that it was Larry sneaking back in to the backstage area after catching Becks performance.  what a thrill.  

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  5. 21 hours ago, fragrant said:

    artalvarez, you'll love New Orleans! If you're coming in on the Tuesday, September 12, hit the Maple Leaf Bar for the Rebirth Brass Band. http://www.mapleleafbar.com/  http://www.rebirthbrassband.com/ . Keep your eyes on the Gambit Weekly for entertainment news - it looks like they list events for one month at a time. https://www.bestofneworleans.com/  There are 93 days til show, so you have plenty of time to research and check out the scene before you head in. 


    thanks for the tip !

    hopefully there will be a roundup for all us u2-heads !

    dallas- houston-san diego and new orleans ! very lucky indeed :)

    wheww- was totally having u2 withdrawals after dallas and now have these shows to look forward  

    it's a beautiful day !

  6. 53 minutes ago, romanorton said:

    Things I've learned today...

    1. The moderators on this page are saints and have more patience than I can imagine.  If any of the mods are going to the San Diego show...beers are on me. ?

    2. U2 fans are a persistent bunch and I just love how passionate we can be about seeing one of the greatest bands around.  

    3. These additional shows will no doubt be electric! 

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you've done to get these issues worked out for us today!! 


    Yes they were amazing and soooo patient.  Made it right super fast.  Great job. SD will be amazing.  

    Houston -Dallas - SD. Not too shabby. 

  7. 34 minutes ago, U2ITNOL said:

    Ughhh...  Still no luck with San Diego.  Bigwave was able to get me a new presale code, but I received the same error message about a problem with my order when I added the GA to my shopping cart and tried to purchase.   Now nothing comes up at all when I look for tickets.   What a frustrating day...

    Keep trying. He gave me a new code too and got right in.  What service and he made it right !

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