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  1. Did any get MSG 1 in Innocence presale? ALso, y my code was “invalid” on app. I don’t want to go through this again for Philly 2 - my next GA goal. Is there any way to determine if my code will work? It’s unused. Thx!
  2. something to browse while we all waiting for extra show presales : more-propaganda-for-u2com-subscribers That is the best! I loved the Grapevine section where we found each other. Miss those days but I'm also an oldie.
  3. No one is a better U2 fan and I apologize to @MikeTighe and anyone else that I offended. I love the band and anyone can love them too. My life is a shit show too but apparently has been a shit show before this round. I went through my history of emails and here the same problem was addressed in 2004. So U2 has addressed this in the past my guess as a recognition of just simple longevity. Maybe that was wrong? Maybe they should have been more brutal about cut offs? IDK I also think it's bad business practice for Fanfire not to take stock of a customer's entire history with them
  4. Well, I hope life never ever gets that crazy for you that you forget to renew before an unknown predetermined cut off date for getting into priority sale group. We will have to disagree on the seniority thing. But I will say I've always been sold priority ticket access as a perk for membership for 30 yrs. This Wite group was open to all the world and all the bots. Not so perky.
  5. Well you are not living my life nor am I living your life. I lost track for 3 months from Sept-Dec 2016 ---- from 1987. I renewed when U2 kindly reminded me with their Christmas video that day. My life at 46 is complicated. Does that mean that other people like yourself who never lapse or forget deserve first dibs? YES YOU DO DESERVE IT. What I don't like is the lack of caring I see in all this. Why was Dec 24 the cutoff from long time fans and new fans and not customer history with at least fanfire!? Why did they NOT shut down new memberships on Tuesday night? Fanfire won't cha
  6. Yes good luck for Thursday! Fingers crossed and thx for answering my questions.
  7. I thought I did the same thing to blur991. Ah well, it is what it is. I get what I get.
  8. Yeah don't share that code. I saw the FAQ. Thx though. Well I tried. Fingers crossed my phone call and long history as a fan fire customer helps. If anyone was new to fan club registered prior to 12/25, and got Red Hill, let me know. I can't do much with it but it might be useful info down the road.
  9. Really -- folk who signed up earlier in December got Red Hill?
  10. Out of our hands... You can contact the customer service (either via the contact form or via phone, info on the HELP page ---> http://www.u2.com/help) Explain your situation to see if you can be reinstated to the other group... I know, I'm just bummed. And sad. I've been a member for so long. Here's my poor attempt at getting u2's attention on this. I know it's useless. Still I thought you all might get a kick out of this old form. https://twitter.com/hann23/status/818573740908814336
  11. I'm in the same boat. Been a member since 1987. Confirmed a member with fanfire since 2007. I got behind on my membership. It expired in Sept 2016. I renewed after the Christmas video. So now because of a three month lapse, I guess I'm a new member? I mean I'm human? I made a mistake? Does my 30 years of membership not count for a lapse? Plus as soon as that video came out I renewed! I"m 46 years old, and have two kids, work, sorry U2 but I guess for three months you weren't my top priority and now I'm paying a price. Ugh. And I swear I let my membership lapse in off tour year
  12. Member Since '88 - Zoo TV and PopMart were through Propaganda and mail in forms. So much better. Never thought I'd be dealing with ticket messes this late in my fandom at my age. Hell, I'm old. I even sound that old. Ugh. I just want to take whoever wants to go. I suppose it's a testament to their greatness that it's this crazy. PS. No email yet.
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