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  1. These are my feelings as well. I would much rather seeing U2 with the same stage, but remove the big screens...probably cuts at least $100 off everyone's ticket right there. They are so busy trying to find a new audience, that they are leaving their original audience behind.
  2. GA is not my cup of tea. I'm not for waiting in line for the best spots and for standing all day, fighting the crowds. I prefer seats at concerts (will stand during the show), just my preference. I've been to lots of quality concerts including U2 that didn't require $300+ for lower level seating. I think that is insane.
  3. lower level of the lower level seats were going for $476.50 in Atlanta. Upper level of the lower level were going for $374.90. This is including the junk fees. I purchased "limited view" seats in lower level for $96.25 each, because I can't afford to pay for the U2 family college fund. The band really should be ashamed of themselves. They drive a lot of political agendas, and yet are totally fine with this gouging. It was only after I purchased the tickets do I now understand what "limited view" meant. Considering how hard it is to find info, I was not aware they are going with the 2015 layout. My bad for not making the connection. However, it shouldn't be this hard. We are supporting a tour for an album none of us have even heard yet! We had to dig deep for scraps of info about the tour, and didn't even really know the prices until we are under the clock ticking today. I love the band, and I'm going to the concert...it's 5 miles from my house, and I would have had an awful night if I didn't go. However, I'm very disappointed in the prices. I've been maintaining my membership here for over a decade, and I am starting to lose the desire to keep up.
  4. I'm sure that's a typo. Certainly you have seats 13 and 14. There won't be rows that have 131 seats.
  5. Yep, GA is the way to go for cost, but yes....my old body doesn't want to fight for space in GA, and although I will stand most of the concert, it's best for my wife and I to have seats available for pre-show, etc. For me GA is hit or miss on the people you run into and whether or not they ruin your night.
  6. Ahhh yes, this makes sense. I didn't realize they were going back to the ramp long screens again. Oh Well....those were $80 seats for 3rd row, instead of $325 for lower level, which is a major rip-off. $953 for two seats in 3rd row section 105, for example. Bono needs to launch a political campaign against his own concert prices. I listen to U2 at least 4 times a week and have for as long as I can remember. I'm a big fan. I don't understand why we are all OK with spending $300-$500 per ticket.
  7. I could not justify over $700 for section 115 row Q!?!?!?! So I snagged some "limited view" seats. Section 100 row C. From the map, these look like great seats. I wonder what they are considering limited view? Perhaps sound guys? Maybe they are considering the GA audience? I dunno. Anyone have insight? Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.09.52 AM.pdf
  8. No email here either. I absolutely love U2 and have been to every tour that has come through Atlanta...the last two did not. However with the rumored pricing for this tour, I’m absolutely shocked, and sad at the same time. I live 5 minutes from the venue, but just can’t afford these insane prices. I hope we get better news tomorrow.
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