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  1. They had a merch booth outside during the 360 tour as well. They do have a lot of the official tour merch up on the U2.com store site, I think I also read that in Vancouver they had an exclusive shirt for that show for sale at the merch booth too, so perhaps for Seattle there will be an exclusive item or two there and every other stop during the tour.
  2. I think you should be ok. While the ticket says 6:30pm, my guess is the opening act wont' start until 7:00pm. There will be four entrances for reserved ticket holders so as long as people understand that their credit card is required for ticket-less entry and the scanners don't fail, lines should flow smoothly.
  3. I am not sure if GA tickets are able to be resold via the Ticketmaster website as a verified resale, you can try as that would be your best option this late in the day.
  4. Lisa has a good point, it very well could be because people don't follow instructions. When I had heard there was only one entrance for BC Place, they made it sound like there was only one entrance for the entire ticket holders, GA and reserved, but it sounds like it was one entrance for just GA ticket holders. For Seattle they have one entrance for GA but four or five for reserved. Hopefully it goes smoother for those in GA and people have read the instructions ahead of time or perhaps they will have staff walking the line to remind people, but I do agree with Lisa, chances are a lot of people never paid attention to the rules of entry. I am so glad we are in reserved and don't have to deal with lining up several hours before.
  5. From what I have heard and read the paperless entry thing was one of the reasons for the delay. Also having one entrance for all of general admission was another issue. A friend of mine said he recalls receiving an email a week ago that there would be one entrance for Seattle only GA ticket holder and to plan accordingly. I don't recall seeing that email, but perhaps that will be nixed because of the headache it caused in Vancouver. We have reserved tickets so hopefully not a huge wait to get in but even still those delays compounded and upset a number of fans. Some reported they were rushing people in and were not even swiping the credit cards at one point.
  6. The tour items are already up on the official store website, unsure if there will be show-only exclusive items but if you don't want to deal with picking up at the show, you can just order it online and I believe fan club 25% off renewal coupons will work on the items too offered online with some exceptions. None of the items do it for me, but may check at the show to see if anything exclusive is being offered that may interest me.
  7. Remember that check-in time is only if you signed up down at the venue with whomever was handling the list. My guess is anyone who doesn't show up at the requested times of 7pm and 7am will be crossed off the list. That is the whole premise of the list, since it is fan-based, they expect everyone to show up at the agreed upon times rather than people just showing up an hour or so before showtime and say "Hey I am here for my spot!".
  8. I would not be surprised if more pop up tonight or tomorrow. A lot of tickets still available via resellers who you may see drop prices come tomorrow....if it is pouring rain here, and people want to go the 200 level are the Club Seats and are covered as are some of the 100 level.
  9. We saw some wilding promotional posters throughout Seattle last night while downtown, would be cool to have one but they are glued down and damage easily if a person tries to remove them plus with the all the rain (as it is currently pouring as I type this) it makes the paper rather mushy. Unsure if they will have that style for sale down at the venue, if it rains during the show it may deter people from buying paper-related items. May weather here can be unpredictable here.
  10. From what the guy told me last night and what Tomokeefe has posted basically instead of making everyone stay there overnight they are doing a set check in time for everyone allowing people to go back home or their hotel, to sleep, etc. It sounds like you sign in once you get there, with the one person on duty who has a checklist. I think they stamp your hand and tell you to report back at x time. They take turns in shifts and everyone spends a few hours as the list holder to sign new people up, but then everyone is required to check back in at a certain time. I am guessing that come tomorrow everyone will be required to show up and start lining up with everyone else. Tomo can probably shed more accurate light on how it works if different what I typed. The one issue you may have with your young boys is having taller people standing in front of them the closer you get. Based on the photos I saw of Vancouver last night it was like a cattle car of fans together the closer you got to the B-stage and main stage but the further out you were on the floor the easier it was for smaller fans not to be crowded.
  11. Hopefully letting fans in goes much smoother than last night. there is construction going on down at Century Link as there was for BC Place but it sounded like for last night's show they were only having GA ticket holders in through one entrance though which was surprising and upsetting to many. I believe Century Link will have multiple entrance points. Also for those with ticket-less entry remember to bring the credit card with you and I would recommend bringing a print out of your original purchase showing that you have those seats. I heard that last night to get people in they stopped swiping credit cards and basically allowing people in, so that could potentially cause issues if you show up to your seats and find someone else sitting there. So bring some proof if need be, better to be safe than sorry but hopefully there aren't any of the issues from last night here in Seattle.
  12. I was in downtown Seattle with a friend late this evening and went by CenturyLink Field around 1:00am and saw a guy standing on the west side of the venue with a "GA" line-up sign. We stopped and talked to him he mentioned there were 28 people so far who had signed up and they were taking rotating shifts so others could get on the list. I guess they were stamping hands and one person would stay for a few hours and then get relived but that everyone was required to check in at certain times. He said people started lining up Friday evening around 8:00pm. We didn't see anyone else down there but clearly there are some die-hards who are ok with waiting a few days in advance. With multiple entrances I am sure more lines will be forming at some point today (Saturday).
  13. A big thanks and shout outs to the moderators here for the work they are doing tonight updating us fans who aren't at the show.
  14. Interesting, so they are opening on the B-Stage? I heard the beginning of SBS but then the Mixr link must have reset or gone back in time because I hear crowd as if the show hasn't started....
  15. Sounds like a lot of problems with the credit card swiping, people forgetting to bring them, or the card numbers have changed, etc. Someone said they hear the band isn't going to start until everyone is inside but I can't see that happening, clearly with an 11pm curfew they will go over it but there are a good chunk fans still waiting to get in. At least we can prepare for this for Sunday's show here in Seattle and plan accordingly as I am sure it too will be a long process getting in.
  16. Sounds like they started around 3pm local time and based on what I saw finished up just before 11:30pm. For the last tour rehearsals were weeknights generally very late at night into the early morning hours but so far with just the one day of rehearsals behind us, they started in the afternoon and ended late at night, more than likely taking a dinner break at some point maybe. The sound clearly is easier to hear from the BC Place than the other places they rehearsed before. They more than likely rehearsed elsewhere before they arrived in Vancouver as well, curious if they follow the same schedule as last tour with rehearsals every night with weekends off. Interesting that some last night were commenting about some BC Place staff power-washing the sidewalks outside and how stated they seem to start and stop the power washing machines when the band was preforming, some speculate this was done to create background noise so people trying to record it have a difficult time. Who knows if that is even accurate, could be just odd that crews would be out powerwashing late at night.
  17. If its like the last tour here in Seattle, GA people can line up starting in the morning of the show on the premises, no one I believe was allowed to be on-site the night before. I believe GA people lined up at the north part of the stadium lot.
  18. There are some general admission tickets up right now on Ticketmaster's website for Seattle as of 4pm pacific time on Saturday 4/29. To find them turn off the verified reseller option only to show what Ticketmaster has and also select "1" as the ticket number. It will show some reserved seats towards the back only general admission, looks like about eight or so available for the regular $70 price plus fees, appears to be credit card entry only too.
  19. I do see some Seattle general admission tickets up now (Saturday 4/29 at 4pm pacific time) if you are looking for Seattle tickets. They appear to be $70 plus fees according to Ticketmaster, credit card only entry, and they aren't from verified resellers either so much be direct from TM.
  20. For those in and around Vancouver, Bono and Edge have been spotted around town, stage should be nearly completed or will be soon.
  21. Keep checking Ticketmaster, GA tickets for Seattle popped up yesterday. Terrible interface has for their tickets, but change the quantity to "1" and have it select by lowest price. There could be more that pop up the closer we get to the shows too.
  22. When I arrived at the nearest record store to me, I wasn't sure what to expect, Arrived an hour before opening, line wrapped around the building. I knew they store had between 20-25 copies but there were about 80+ people in front of me. I waited, another 30+ showed up after me. Quite orderly, at 9am they opened the doors and ushered everyone in forming a line inside the store's perimeter. They had the items in boxes in the center of the store and allowed people to go in as groups, nobody cut, it flowed well. Much to my surprise I asked if anyone saw the box with the U2 picture disc and someone said "Here!" and there were about five copies left. I managed to get one for myself and one for a friend who couldn't make it. $15.99 each plus tax is what the store was charging. No booklet though, curious if that thing was exclusive to stores outside of the USA?
  23. From what I have read the BC Place Stadium was booked up for an event this past weekend. My guess is unless another event takes place between now and the opening night show, you will see the stage start construction and perhaps the band begin rehearsals. Everyone knows there will be multiple stages during the tour, generally they are building a few shows ahead, perhaps in Houston no event was booked so they were able to start construction far in advance of the show they are playing there later in May to test the build, maybe the other venues between the opener and Houston had prior events taking place there. Some think rehearsals will be in Houston but that seems odd since I believe they tend to hold the rehearsals in the city where the opener takes place, in this case Vancouver again. I am sure more news will get out there this coming week. Perhaps if its like the last tour, where rehearsals started nearly a month in advance of the show and took place nightly during the week, it will begin later this week.
  24. Either some stores themselves sold them early to customers or are selling themselves on eBay, which kind of goes against the whole idea of Record Store Day as they are supposed to be sold only on that day. A shop locally quoted me $15.99 over the phone as their price for tomorrow. With only 7000 made for Worldwide release, its certainly going to be a popular item.
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