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  1. maybe this will be the last tour proper , and who can blame them . I reckon the albums will carry on a good while , maybe a change of format but they won't just stop composing , how can you , they apparently all get on so no issues there , Adams the only one with young children , again sure he would want to carry on , seems to have taken on more promotion this time anyway . Still think live shows will carry on but maybe not tours possibly 2/3 shows and a month off another 2/3 and so on . I agree the stadium tour was supposed to be I@E not Joshua but circumstance , not just Trump took ove
  2. when close friend told me about October, I then bought Boy and October , double paper-round that week , soon after War was released . We could'nt getenough , most of our mates liked Rainbow ,Quo , Lizzy and so on , they didn't get it .Still most of them do now just getting them to admit it .
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