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    Simple Minds
  1. I wanted to share an experience I had on "another" U2 forum. The political talk on there got very heated and the mods thus banned political talk. I made a pretty tame comment about this administration seeming to be against science and found myself banned for a week with the threat of further bans if it continues. Whew! Sad that it has come to that--an era when even mild, respectful, and civilized discourse is censored. Anyway, it seems like this forum has a lot more positive people on it. The other one seems overrun with negativity, which is unfortunate. Glad to see that most people here love U2 and appreciate them for what they are, even if we don't always agree with everything they do. The other forum does seem to have a superior format where you can "see" new posts more clearly. Anyway, just glad to be here.
  2. I wish Bono (and Trump) didn't care so much about their reputation and what people thought of them. In Bono's case, it's hard to imagine being so superlatively creative and successful yet still being overcome by such paralyzing self-doubt. Well, the complete and utter humanity of the guys is a large part of what we love about them, right?
  3. Do you peeps have jobs or are you just independently wealthy?
  4. I'm traveling to a different state---well worth it in my opinion.
  5. It would be great to hear "Heartland" in Cleveland. Also, I sure hope they close with "40". And, while I'm compiling my wish list, could they play "Gloria"? Oh well, I'm bound to love it no matter what they play. The energy, the enthusiasm, the crowd--July can't come soon enough!
  6. I paid a lot early on for some so-so nosebleed tickets in Chicago. Later on, when they added shows, there were cheaper tickets available. If you definitely want to go you may need to jump on it. I think this is going to be a popular tour.
  7. It's supply and demand. You're not going to get cheap tickets for this tour at this juncture. Maybe later on if lots are still left.
  8. I took my children (Young teens) to PopMart. They loved it! Also, took 2 of my kids (one age 17) to I and E and had a blast as a family. It's expensive no doubt but highly worth it! You'll always treasure the experience.
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