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  1. Renewed my sub in Jan 2017. 2017 gift was announced via email on May 3, 2017. Redeemed my gift on May 4, 2017. .... As of today, Feb 27, 2018... no gift, no shipping info. Still waiting.... ?
  2. I think I;m leaning towards not renewing this time around. I've been a subscriber since the Propaganda days and from the beginning of u2.com, so there is a bit of an inner struggle to forego the renewal. Sub expires 02MAR and still no email update or any other communication. And I think that's the bigger issue here. The gift process (or should I say, lack thereof) is definitely flawed, but a bit more open communication would go a long way. My account still shows order status for the 2017 gift as Shipping info for this order is not available.
  3. So, my subscription 'expires within 30 days.' Still no 2017 gift. Do I renew? Will my choosing the $40 option for the 2018 gift cause further issues with not receiving the 2017 gift. ... Questions that bother me so....
  4. I was going to try for Nashville myself, as not sure they will be coming back to Houston for this one and didn't want to miss out. Not too crazy about sitting behind the stage either, though, so I'm passing on this one.
  5. I'm also hearing conflicting stories about the bag/purse size. Some are saying the 11" x 17" listed on the venue info page is not correct and it is now no bigger than a 'sheet of paper'....? I may just end up putting what I need with me in my pockets to be safe.
  6. I renewed in Feb and I'm okay with it taking time to ship. I, too, have been a long-time subscriber (ahh the Propaganda days ) It would just be nice to have regular status updates. Good to hear we are looking at next month now.
  7. 1 Rattle and Hum 2 Zooropa and Achtung Baby tie for this spot 3 Pop SOI, however, may quickly take over #3
  8. Lovin' U22 in Texas!!! Thanks y'all!!! ~KK in TX
  9. My favorite for a long time has been the Mysterious Ways Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix. But I think the Crazy remix from this tour has taken it's place!
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