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  1. Happy Birthday ElectricCo
  2. I am still not over what has happened, can't sleep at night... we were at the concerts of 10th and 11th November, 2 amazing concerts full of passion, both on the stage and from the audience... logically we were waiting for the other 2 concerts with joy, and having a wonderful Holiday in Paris, you know what it's like when you're waiting for a year to have a Holiday, especially one that includes 4 U2 concerts!!! then the attacks, terrorists destroying lives, what for?! what is going on in the world?! I hope U2 don't return too soon... a lot of the fans come from outside of Pari
  3. Happy birthday Electricco :-)))

  4. Let us not forget the 8th May, we can be free thanks to this!
  5. Just a couple of days ago, i fell in the kitchen and suddenly my little finger from left hand was looking Backwards :-( It was dislocated, Yuk!!! Thank fully the people from ER put it back on track, and i hope it is on the mend
  7. Chrissie, I love the creativity and the inspiration I get from seeing those cards sent to me too, but most of all, I love the fact that we are brought together by the simple act of sending a card. Whether those cards are hand made / designed and printed / or store bought, we are receiving a message of friendship and love from someone we probably would never would have met elsewhere. And that makes this group of friends and those cards received so very special Couldn't have said better
  8. Belated most heartfelt thanks for the Christmas cards, in no precise order, to electricco illumination70 monica martino redandwhitepebble garycubby xrayjets nikaliptus mysoulis laila keto alesham nikki1120 ingrida suee cathy l Some have been so amazingly creative... this year i will do differently thanks to you all
  9. Get better soon Zhivvy I had back pain a couple of weeks ago, and i couldn't do anything Take care
  10. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y E L E C T R I C C O
  11. [quote name='utwothefly wrote: xtraspicy62 wrote: utwothefly']For the next list, 20 and 22 have the same address and need to be changed? im thinking shes staying there with electricco....not sure... Ill shoot electricco a message Nice one ...just incase! Yes, we are sisters AND share the same flat AND are U2 fans (we're almost twins, but not quite), not to mention the best friends in the world And thanks for the list, i have received it too, and can't wait to post cards
  12. I only know Breaking Bad, and absolutely love it!! Have watched the 4 Seasons so far, and i agree that Bryan Cranston is amazing, how his character has developped since Season 1!!! I also love how that series is filmed, and the gorgeous colors...
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