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  1. What price did you got per night ?
  2. Try getting tickets in the Forum go line up early the day of the show, I mean really early (6AM), you can get tickets by the last hour or 2 hours, what sections ? dont know I did that with some friends in the last tour in Miami. Also people with extra tickets in the GA line sometimes have extras that wont use its just ask. And remember from what Bono said show A will be different (maybe in set list) from show B so 30 and 31 are good options, I'm going to May 26 and 27 in LA and that's all for me. Cheers Victor
  3. Will call opens hours before the show dont worry Im from Mexico and I been in miami and Tampa
  4. Watch or carry your stuff "A L W A Y S like wallets, small cameras and your tickets, Last time in the 360° Rose Bowl show in LA 30 minutes before people doing the GA line for entrance and security advice to return your things to your car, a group of 50 people started running what happened everyone run to line and leave their stuff there like chairs, coolers, etc was a stampede anyone else can remember that day ? anything could happen just my 2 cents.
  5. I didn´t find tickets (GA) for the last two nights 30 and 31 in the general sale, still thinking what to do, because If I stay there will be from May 25 to June 1st. In case I can't find a place to stay with a friend need hotel or hostel, any recommendations close to the venue ?. I been there twice in LA a couple of years ago but never been in The Forum area.
  6. I need 1 GA or 2GA for some friends first and second night, I already have mine for the first night and second still looking for 30 and 31 for me also !! I´m a fan and my friends too !!
  7. Got today my May 26 and 27 tickets with presale code for today, no problems, looking to get GA's in the general sale for the 30 and 31 !!! so lets try to do 4 Nights in LA !
  8. Bought 2 tickets today for May 26 and May 27 no problems easy and smooth !!!
  9. Forget about what songs they need to play. They need to change the setlist in every show so it won't be the same setlist ! A more dramatic change of songs and not only 1 or 2 songs agree anyone?
  10. Can we get U2 Bootlegs for purchase for this tour ? like Pearl Jam does in their case at least by MP3 and PDF covers!
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