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  1. Its a really eclectic, interesting playlist with some songs I've never heard before. The accompanying letter are a nice touch too, can't wait to read the next batch.
  2. I'll be honest, my first reaction when the gift was announced was "that's pretty damn cool", but my second reaction was one of mild disappointment that it was DVD rather than Blu-Ray or a HD digital copy or something. I don't mean that to sound ungrateful or entitled, but I think a few of the other posts have summed things up quite well and initially it just seems like its a case of so near and yet so far again. @dmway post sums up the wider issues very well - there's a bit of a historic thing going on here and also where the current model sits alongside other similar fan sites. I suspect that most people are happy to pay for a subscription here due to the chance of priority tickets - something which other bands seem to now offer at no charge. Its still a cool gift though 😃
  3. If anybody has Apple Music, there's a couple of really good Alligator Hour shows in season 1 dedicated to Halloween tunes. As always, there's a really diverse selection of music on there, but some great spooky songs I'd never heard before, as well as some of the "classics".
  4. Nice one, thanks Max! I did have 8pm in my head but I couldn't remember where that came from or if I was thinking back to Innocence.
  5. So with no support act, what time are the boys due on? Thanks!
  6. I really had hoped for a Scottish show to be announced in the latest round of updates, but not even a rumour of anything.
  7. Still hoping for a Scottish show, my son wants to go see them, would be his first time, On the Simple Minds subject, their new album is getting some really good reviews, looks like they are continuing this late career burst of form, a bit of a renaissance.
  8. Stupid question of the day..... Is there a way to download a general Ticketmaster app for phones which isn't region specific? The UK app for iOS will (obviously) only let me book for UK shows.
  9. The problem is that I preordered the album through the U2.com site whilst signed in to my account which is linked to an email address I’ve had for circa 10 years. I received no order updates for it and only after a lot of time talking with Live Nation did they confirm the order was showing against an email address I no longer have access to which i stopped using 10+ years ago. I have no idea how it’s on any system but they say they can’t change it, it has to be the folks at u2.com. But it’s not showing anywhere on my profile here. So I don’t think I’ll get that code. As to the dates, the gaps in the schedules would lead us to think there will be further dates announced. But will there be a Scottish date? Nobody knows, so I guess it’s London time again!
  10. For some reason, although my account on here is setup to my correct email address, my pre-order for SOE is linked to an email address I've not used for circa 10 years. Live Nation customer services say they can't change it. So I'm guessing I'm not going to be able to get that code. Any idea who can look in to that please?
  11. They go on sale in two days time so I'm hoping we'd get our codes today or tomorrow, otherwise its a bit pointless! No show for Scotland this time round and we're also looking to go as a family for the first time so I guess it will be a punt on two tickets in presale for one of the English dates and try to get two more in the public sale.
  12. I used this one from the UK - 1-800-615-1324 The email form on the U2.com shop Contact Us page works ok too, I've been getting replies within 24-48 hours.
  13. No refund yet, but got the phone bill through and the calls to the International helpline to try and sort it cost me just under £25!
  14. And so the wait for the refund continues In the meantime, I heard rumour that the 2017 subscriber gifts have started shipping.
  15. Mine has arrived now as well. Normal delivery = 2nd class which is a bit of a cheap copout Live Nation. As I've said before, other much smaller fan stores and normal record shops do 1st class delivery for that price. Its going back tomorrow.
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