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  1. Thanks! I'll either do that or try Largo Town Center and ride the one stop over to Morgan to get to FedEx Field.
  2. This is so smart!! I'm all for any ideas that will save me from giving any more money to Ticketmaster (or Dan Snyder).
  3. Thank you to all who gave advice. If anyone else is facing this issue, here is the official response: "You will need to give your credit card to those entering GA and then the people entering RZ will need to present the photo ID of the purchaser. The GA guests will be unable to enter at the RZ entrance." Enjoy the show everyone!!!
  4. Is there any parking at FedEx field lower than $50?? I would certainly consider Metro if the trains ran a little later, but I'm not going to leave the show early!!
  5. Thank you! I just received the GA e-mail tonight which does state that the entrance will be the South Gate, same as what I was told for Red Zone in a previous e-mail.
  6. Hi, I bought 2 tix on my credit card - 1 RedZone for me and 1 GA for a friend. Does anyone know how we both enter together if the RedZone check in and GA line are in separate places?? Thanks.
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