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  1. So the outside box was heavy duty, much like the AB20 box, and the design was based on The Virtual Road poster. Within were 4 x 12'' vinyl, the four VR live EPs, in sleeves identical to their digital covers. Paris was blue, white & red marble. Mexico was lemon yellow. Slane was green, white and gold. Red Rocks was, er, red. Fans were united in awe and wonder! Then I woke up... But ye can have the idea for nothing!! ūü§ę

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  2. The breadth of subscribers' wishes is impressive, but probably means keeping none of the people happy any of the time. In recent times I've been a member of the Pearl Jam, REM (10 years gone, so maybe not that recent!) and The Killers' equivalents of the fan club. I would still maintain that the U2 gifts compete with any of those, both in terms of quantity and quality of music and physical format.

    I do think that the website, with the exception of the spell between 2009-2011, has been under-utilised from a music point of view, particularly live tracks and shows. Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen lead the way there, albeit not freely. Unless musical, the 'subscriber specials' on u2.com are a bit spurious in terms of what they provide, while real news inevitably breaks elsewhere. Maybe websites and forums in general have been overtaken by social media.  

    Separately, the request for a pony puts me in mind of that great Irish classic, Horse Outside by the Rubberbandits... 

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  3. Music of any variety is always great. I've always enjoyed the CDs/ vinyl. The music track on the DVD was superb quality and the 4K stream looked amazing. And the wav downloads of the R&H promo were a class touch. Much appreciated. 

    The 'subscriber specials' were great circa 2009-2011, live streams/ full tracks, but the musical content has tailed away since. Always secretly hoping for either a Flash Postcard or¬†7'' vinyl flexidisc revival ūüėČ

  4. To be fair, the majority of U2 vinyl releases through UMG have wav download cards and that's much appreciated, along with the vinyl fanclub releases in mp3/wav. With RSD the objective is to give the shops involved a shot in the arm and early downloads would potentially undercut that. I'm very happy for vinyl to have centre stage in 2019!

    I honestly have no gripe with or criticism of the status quo. But you can't play records in the car. (Yet!!)¬†ūüė鬆Audacity = hard. Downloads = easy. Pure laziness! Hopefully once the vinyl is sold out the digital versions will follow.

  5. I'm happy to lend weight to every 'release the wavs' call, particularly for vinyl-only releases. I'd be just as happy to get it from Qobuz or 7 Digital though or on a download card with the record. 

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  6. Superb release. Great packaging and great tunes. I think demand on the ground was up on other years too.

    Could we get wav downloads on u2.com or could I add my voice to those looking for a for-purchase digital release? There is a clamour for rips/ copies from folks who were unable to get to a participating store so the demand is there. 


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  7. Totally get that. I love the vinyl but one of the first things I'll do is get UHQ FLAC rips off the vinyl for the car. What I would say about the mp3s on u2.com is that they are proper 320kbps versions. I really struggle to determine any difference between 320 and 16-bit FLAC. But l'd always pick the lossless to be on the safe side. Hopefully u2.com will post the best available quality. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, CorkVegan said:

    I'm based in the States these days Anam but I've transported my fair share of records across the Atlantic in carry on. I know the struggle. Still miss the days of flipping through the albums in Leeside music up on MacCurtain Street digging for treasure.

    Love your username by the way. Wish I had thought if it.

    Thanks buddy. I've had that handle years now. Catchier than the real name!

    MacCurtain Street was a home from home. Can trace nearly all my early U2 vinyl to Leeside, and every cassette bootleg to the place upstairs on Bridge St, over what became Vibes & Scribes. Happier times. I got my U23D dance mixes down the back of Crowleys I think. It's ropey now though. 

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  9. It's not rare but it is a bit pricey, and from what I've seen in record shops and fairs very rare in good condition. There are HQ lossless rips doing the rounds, but speaking as a collector, I'd much rather a new copy of my own. The remixes themselves are excellent with unique vocal tracks and extra production compared to the edited releases on the singles. I'd agree with previous comments that some remixes fail to hit the mark, but there have, to be fair, been superb - and popular - remixes down the years. I'm very pleased with this I must say, and would be glad to join the queue if it was an RSD or Black Friday release. To have it land on the doorstep is cool as have most of the gifts, barring those bad businesses with the card-shaped metal keyring and the litho-wallpapery things. On a separate note CorkVegan, you'll know this I suppose, but Record Zone in Douglas has a great line on U2 vinyl. Costs me a fortune everytime I'm home! 

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  10. I was a huge REM fan and I think their case was slightly different. After Bill Berry left the spell was broken and they struggled to keep the magic alive. Their last four records never quite hit the heights of pre-1996 and the remaining members had other projects they wanted to pursue. I can't imagine Larry Mullen driving a tractor just yet! 

    Frankly, I think U2 love performing together more and they are a much better band now than REM were at the end. The idea of U2 'doing an REM' fills me with dread, particularly since they are still making great music. You have to leave age out of it; all the decent rockers are getting on now. The Stones are magnificent now and more power to them ; Mick gives hope to us all! 

    So, with the greatest of respect for your view jreed, I am in wholehearted disagreement with you! I will gladly trot along to see U2 in their 60s, 70s, 80s. Johnny Cash did it with style, Leonard Cohen did it, Bowie did it, BB King... All the greats. And U2 are great. 


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