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  1. 51 minutes ago, dermo said:

    Congratulations to the winners.  Have any of you won in the 'super fan'  ballot?

    Is there any info on how many 'super fan' winners there were?

    I've heard from a few who got the 'superfan' tickets. They are pleasantly surprised.  

  2. Crickey, the money that I've put in down the years, Bono should be playing in my living room. Nay, seranading me on my lap! I've invested so much, I could have got in on the ground floor of the Lithuanian retail sector!

    But a draw is a draw, and assuming it was fair, I'm happy to take that on the chin. Hopefully there'll be some new faces at the front of house and not the usual crew.  

    That said, if anyone in the feted inner circle needs a plus one, a tall, silvering Corkman is happy to oblige! 



  3. This seemed to be a Ticketmaster-led ballot so you'd imagine that they have the technology to make sure that this wouldn't happen. Still keeping a candle going for any tickets not being taken up. Of course, there is always the option of 50,000 of us just showing up out of the blue...

  4. Neither the missus nor myself scored tickets, an hour east. Some folks from further afield seemed to have luck in the general ballot. Trying to curb the disappointment by considering the sheer maths involved.

    Will be a real shame if the same 'superfans' as seem to get sorted for every special event are posting on Twitter/ Instagram from the front of stage this turn. 

  5. Two subscribers in this house, and we both used codes for London. Resubscribed in the interim, and got the presale Rest of the World offer. We both have consecutive subscriptions to U2.com/ Propaganda dating back to 1991. Having left $200 in subs in just over a year, I think that's fair. We're not going for what it's worth, and the codes have been left unused, but the principle is sound.

  6. It's Glam rock after all isn't it ??? Everything about U2 is Glamorous...Even the fanclub gifts ship according to privileges....and ranks....LOL ! Just kidding.....The best idea is the one used without caring who generated it....that's the U2 way....The ideal way if you will....


    Got my notice that it's on its way today, so all the glam folk must have theirs already and the shipping phase has moved onto big hairy fellas ;o)

  7. On the basis that there's no tour of the UK and Ireland this year and the rest of you guys get to see them on the road, I say nah nah na nah nah. Wait two hours and there'll be a bootleg somewhere.


    Big Paulie says it will be uninterrupted on the BBC so here's hoping that we don't have to listen to Moyles and various other BBC clowns all week to hear any bits they hold back.


    Should be down the left here tomorrow night: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/


    Well done Setanta Ireland and the BBC, well done U2 for insisting it's uninterrupted. Good luck tomorrow night, massive party chez nous in your honour. Smoke nothing odd looking and make sure the tofu's well done. Feck the begrudgers; U2 abú!!

  8. Fáilte Bríd. It looks like Paris or Copenhagen for U23D just now, but the official site is here: http://www.u23dmovie.com/ As for Dublin 2011, I imagine that there are no plans just now, although there was a hint that the band would be 'more involved' in Ireland later in the year. Ever the optimist, I take that to mean a five night residency at the Point Depot (o2). Probably not, but we live in hope!

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